\'hole in space-time\' created by scientists

by:DGT Lighting     2020-08-01
You \'ve heard of hiding people\'s cloaks in the Harry Potter movie, but wrap your head around this: Scientists have created a way to hide space --time itself.
This is only preliminary, but Alexander Geita, a physicist at Cornell University, and his colleagues are moving in that direction.
He and his colleagues reported their feat in nature.
They are talking more than just a device that makes objects invisible.
Instead, the idea behind space
In a short period of time, the time disguise is to make the light unable to detect the event.
Scientists can do the job in a second so far, but if technology can bring the concept to its fullest, all sorts of quirks will follow.
For example, if you have a surveillance camera that shoots a person running from point a to Point B, the recording shows that the person seems to move instantly from point a to Point B, and there is nothing between the two.
\"This is of course an illusion, nothing bad.
Materialized and re
But it looks a bit like a transporter for \"Star Trek,\" said Martin mccaole of Imperial College London, who initially outlined the space --
The concept of time stealth in 2010.
It\'s also strange, he says, that someone can rob a safe while the surveillance camera always shows the lock of the safe because it looks like the opening of the safe never seems to have happened.
McCall\'s paper in the Journal of Optics describes space theory
Time camouflage using \"super material\"
Artificial materials designed at the molecular level to interact and control with electrical waves.
Gaeta\'s team has implemented the idea, though not as described by the McCall team.
Gaeta and his colleagues used the name \"split-
The time lens, \"It slows down one part of the beam and speeds up the other part to form a gap in the beam and can then be put back together.
The beam does not detect an event in that gap, and anyone who observes it will not know that there is a gap.
\"It looks like nothing has happened,\" he said . \"
Previously, researchers have explored space camouflage --
That is to say, the space around the object is manipulated to keep the light away.
But Geita\'s team is able to control the light and keep it away from the light at some point.
\"Nothing that happens at that moment will change the beam,\" he said . \".
The time gap they get is about 40 trillion seconds, which is shorter than you think.
Based on current technology, Gaeta predicts that his team may be able to reach the order of tens of nanoseconds, which is still small.
\"We will not change the time,\" he said . \"
\"What we really change is the beam.
\"If there is going to be a big improvement in technology, one can go through the beam without interfering with it --
For example, think about the safety sensor beam in the museum and you can walk through without being discovered.
But McCall says it\'s unlikely that a cloak of this nature will last for a few minutes or even seconds.
This is because, since light travels at a speed of 300,000 kilometers per second, in order to cover up a second, you need a device that is 300,000 kilometers long --
This is more than 20 times the diameter of the Earth.
\"While there are complex methods to\" slow down \"light, these methods need to be combined with more complex methods to adjust speed at different times in different places,\" McCall said.
\"I can\'t rule it out, but it represents the level of complexity that we can\'t handle with current technology.
\"Despite this, there are some easier applications for this technology.
It is possible to send an emergency signal through fiber without interrupting the already existing data stream.
McCall said other uses can also be found in photoelectric circuits and letters.
Geita\'s team put forward the idea of hiding space.
Practice takes much faster than McCall expected.
\"I had imagined that it would take us another year or two to see space as long as we did our best --
Do a time cloak in the lab . \"
\"We are wrong!
It only took Alex and his team a few months!
\"Follow @ cnnlight years on twitter, create a space in time and get stuck in it. . .
My brother recommended that I might like this website.
He was completely correct before.
I am very happy with this book.
You can\'t believe I spent so much time getting this information! Thanks!
The experimental and theoretical evidence of the article \"space fallacy --
The concept of time and the actual state of existence of the physical universe proves that Einstein is responsible for the misleading world of materialism and atheism under deception.
It is not possible to accuse yahs and Newton of adopting the unreasonable philosophy of God\'s existence, for the secret of God\'s existence is the nature of light/radiation;
Which secrets were uncovered in the 19 th century.
Lorenzo and Einstein misunderstood these secrets in order to mislead humans.
This article is very simple to write and can be understood by even physics undergraduates.
Expose this article to every professor, researcher, teacher, and student of physics in the world.
Please read this article and do your duty as a person.
This article can be found on ViXra.
Muhammad Shafik Khan, you\'re right.
Time does not exist in objective reality. It is just a human construct.
If time does exist, people in Los Angeles can call people in Montreal, Canada by phone, because the time zone is different, it takes a few hours to hear them, and people in Los Angeles will say, it takes 3 hours to listen in Montreal.
This doesn\'t happen, so time doesn\'t exist, it\'s just a wrong concept.
Time only exists because of human death, but we do not die because of time, but because of entropy.
Human beings find that mathematics and \"thought\" can measure everything, even things that do not exist.
Imagine how much money is spent on this stupidity, and the Western world has spent more on this \"trick\" and called it Science of 200, more than it costs to feed the poor.
This is a shameful charge against humanity.
Scientists no longer know how to interpret their data;
They are not scientists but social engineers.
\"It takes a few hours to hear them due to different time zones,\" I don\'t know if you are serious.
Please let me know. Well said.
They are sensational things that people cannot understand or understand.
This is to justify the waste of public funds. Called research.
The article I mentioned proves that there is no space
Anyway, I don\'t understand what bugs they found.
They fool the world in the name of science.
CNN asked the scientists who found the hole to read the article and then told them what hole they found.
They waste the wealth of the poor
Sensory Studies on poverty and hunger eradication.
Man, improve your abilities a little.
The revelation given to humans by cell organisms known as Urantia explains all these things.
Just look at the book online and it will help.
You can read online free of charge in urantia. org website.
@ Mohammed Khan-Dude I read your paper
I may be wrong, but I think the equation you proposed to accelerate the Doppler effect (angular)
Motion is missing a factor-it certainly doesn\'t match the other references I checked.
One more thing: whip flo your own papers on a blog like this, rather than having them reviewed in serious peer-reviewed journals, is the wrong thing to do.
I can keep talking about the mistakes you made, but you will threaten to sue me for slander, even though you let me read the newspaper in the first place. (
I have experienced this before with other fringe theorists.
If you are going to go to the plate, you must be ready to hit the ball.
Sir, I think you would be a better physicist if you removed yourself from the equation. )
@ Hawk III comon Dude show me an error.
Write the error in detail. I wii reply.
There is no point in the flight review.
\"This illustration shows how a temporary stealth device can make a person undiscovered in a museum. \"Ok.
The actual science reported here is interesting and effective news.
But the title is ridiculous.
You can do better, CNN.
That\'s why when the government makes these types of discoveries, no one has heard of them for at least 40 years!
It\'s not a discovery. It\'s just an illusion.
Is David Copperfield a scientist now?
Because if this is the science of today, then they should give him a fantasy Nobel Prize.
There are a lot of great apps here: Soldiers, Guardian Angels, professional criminals, etc.
Thank you all for taking an extraordinary first step in \"FTL travel.
Greetings, future. . .
\"There\'s nothing to see here \". . . . . move along. . . . HA!
You did this. \". . .
His team may be able to reach dozens of nanoseconds. . .
\"Wow, how much did they waste on this?
I am shocked by the great useless that this represents.
When Volta assembled the battery in 1800, what was the benefit of it.
When this guy named Charles Babich designed a machine called \"analysis engine\", do you know what you\'re talking about?
Do you know what ultimately caused it? hint. . hint. .
You read this on one of the machines, as you said when you invested in space projects in the 1960s S, however, every electronic device that we take for granted now dates back to the massive R & D spending of that era.
Beef Burger-maybe there\'s too much red meat in your diet?
It will lead to mad cow disease.
I hope they can make a black hole that will destroy the Earth.
It\'s cool.
I hope they will do it in December 21, 2012.
I hope they will do so before the Republican National Convention.
Shelton has been busy.
Haha you and I both know he just wants to press the shiny red button. BA-ZINGA!
First of all, it doesn\'t stop the time, instead it simply manipulates the light and makes it look like nothing has happened.
According to special relativity, the time flow depends on the speed of the object relative to the inertial frame of reference or the strength of the gravitational field around the object, which is not manipulated in this experiment.
In any case, search youtube for \"incidental murder-WikiLeaks-Iraq\", which is what the \"time cloak\" will be used to cover up.
\"This illustration shows how a temporary stealth device can make a person undiscovered in a museum. \"LOL.
Oh, thanks to this rich, crappy clip art collage, I totally understand it now. Bravo.
The military will soon step in and the funds will start on the roof.
It will no longer be another weapon used to destroy it, and it will be used to cover up vandalism. Prove it!
So I should worship a person because he is a \"scientist\" or a \"scientist \".
\"Scientists contribute to society as much as others.
They are no better than anyone.
You went to college for a few years and learned how the huge universe works, and some others went to college to learn how to protect your little ass when the war broke out.
Some people in the scientific community really think they are God and they give you a bad reputation for humble and tolerant scientists.
By the way, there are a lot of respected Christian scientists who don\'t agree with all the atheist crap that mainstream science spits out.
You spit out the Christian crap.
Don\'t be kidding, Christian Scientist. . aka magician.
Jesus is using this stealth device. .
Antonio knows that. . .
We must worship the great and inviolate people scientifically!
You cannot put your life into the truth, and then live in lies, which are mutually exclusive.
You can neither prove nor refute the two views.
The Big Bang is just as much a theory as Genesis.
Until then, you have only the laws of reality;
Reality is determined by what most people think. @beefburgerNo. . .
There are some solid science and math behind the Big Bang.
There is no theory of creation.
You may not be able to prove the Big Bang, but it is not \"a theory like creationism \".
Much more than that.
Your example is like comparing the theory of gravity with the theory of Elf existence.
There is a good scientific basis behind one, and the other does not have @ Beefburger, because you claim that creationism is a theory-in the scientific context-please post the citation to your peers
Published in the Journal of Science.
@ Beefburger-creationism is human\'s unfounded imagination, and the Big Bang theory follows scientific methods and is currently recognized as the theory of the beginning of the universe/multiverse.
Of course, all theories can be overturned when learning new things in real time. . . . well said.
Today\'s science is the nonsense of atheists starting with Darwin and Einstein;
The article I mentioned in my post shows that Einstein is a liar.
Darwin will soon prove to be an ignorant man.
Articles like this are \"stupid\" so that people who are not familiar with language or concepts can still learn something about science.
That\'s no problem.
Even scientists need to be silent in areas beyond their expertise.
From the content of most posts, the article is not simplified enough.
This article is a summary of an article published by Cornell University scientists in the journal Nature.
For those of you who think this article is stupid, go and buy a copy of nature and read the real thing.
Understand it, good luck to you.
As a scientistChemist)
I totally agree, but I can avoid the word becoming simple. . .
How to \"disingenuous up \"?
CNN is very bad on such articles.
These have nothing to do with space. Time.
CNN is so stupid in tech articles.
Why do they always let people who don\'t know anything about the subject write this article?
This is chicken feed for idiots.
Read my post below.
The object passes through this hole in space.
For all observers, time makes it look as fast or faster as the speed of light.
The universe itself cannot see the object moveNo.
Objects exist and continue to move in space
Time, but as part of this interval, the light is reflected so that you cannot visually observe it.
It is obvious that visual observation is not a necessary condition for the existence of an object.
The quark as part of the atoms that make up the skin of the fingertips is not observable in your eyes, but they still exist.
Not a non.
Observe the \"hole\" in the space-time interval \".
If the phone moves into a blocked building without a signal, the phone user is only in the area where the signal is blocked, not outside their call area.
What the experiments described in this paper do is block observation and only through one signal light.
The presence of space-time remains, and different observation mechanisms for measuring air disturbances or gravity or chemical composition will continue to record and observe objects and all their spacestime effects.
Light is everything.
The only other way to judge whether something exists is by the force acting on it, such as gravity.
We know that the atoms of our fingers are there because of the force.
If the light is blocked, then the only way is to judge whether something exists by gravity and powerful and weak forces. Electro-
Magnetism can even be blocked.
It can be said that the event has never happened, and this may be an extension, but there will be fewer atoms affected by this object than usual.
So I think it\'s like it never happened.
TIME articles unrelated to space or time. .
All these experiments show that light can bend around the object to cover up the light seen by the visible spectrum. .
It\'s like saying \"it would bend space and time to fit into the surrounding environment in camouflage clothes\", where did they find a link to space or time?
If the operation is spatial, your camouflage analogy is correct.
In this aspect of \"camouflage\", the previous work has been completed.
\"However, this work involves manipulation of the speed of light, and therefore, in a sense, manipulation of time.
Reread the ninth paragraph.
This is not the cloak of the predator, nor the cloak of the squid.
This is completely different.
The speed of light always varies depending on the material it interacts.
In a vacuum, it is just \"constant \".
Everyday materials \"manipulate\" the speed at which light travels all the time, which makes something underwater look different from the surface.
None of these involve the physical constant \"c \"(
Defined as the speed of light in a vacuum *).
Geita\'s team is talking about using the lens. e.
Tangible material. e.
Light interacts with things, so they are just doing what matter usually does.
There\'s nothing better than your analogy, it\'s in twisting space and time to make things seem like they \'ve never happened.
The object moves without being seen by the universe itself.
For all observers, the object is transmitted to the object, and the time lasts as normal.
Completely incorrect.
This has nothing to do with distorted space or time.
This is just an experiment where the beam is slow enough so that the object can avoid being hit by the beam.
Just because something can pass through a beam of visible light without being hit does not mean \"events never happen\" or that it is an invisible universe for all observers \".
What if you watched the event with hot vision?
You can still see this happening normally.
What if you\'re watching the game with sonar?
You will still see this happening normally.
Just because you can\'t see it happening with the naked eye doesn\'t mean it doesn\'t happen.
If you\'re in that area, it\'s not even hot.
It is just another kind of light like a visual light, and it will be changed as well.
Sonar is fine, but it\'s only because you\'re still interacting with atoms in the air.
In a vacuum, if there is no light coming into contact with it, it will not interact with anything, then the event has never happened. In what \"zone\"?
Are we in a vacuum now?
Now you just do your own experiments in your head.
Again, just because the light is not exposed to it does not mean that it does not happen.
There are a lot of things that we can\'t see in this universe.
Can we see dark matter?
But we know it\'s there.
OK, sorry, it could have been a while to say it never happened, but all the magnetic force is invisible. (
That\'s what makes photons. .
As has never happened, this object does not have any effect on any other object in the universe.
Yes, gravity is normal and yes, strong and weak forces can still be seen.
But for what they call size, the force that really has any effect is only magnetic force.
So, yes, the event still happens, but 99% of the information indicates that the event happened and everything else that has been hidden in the universe.
Therefore, unless you have a way to see the effect of gravity on small objects, or the small force of weak force, or the small distance of strong force, the event has never happened to you.
For anyone who views this issue scientifically,
Under the action of gravity, the force and weak force are usually ignored)
The incident never happened. -
I am the best, no scientist will ever see big objects or sub-objects before you ask
Atomic distance.
They usually ignore almost everything else because the other thing hardly constitutes what happens to the object, so it can be ignored and still get accurate answers/measurements.
But it did happen. .
You just have no way to measure (or detect)it. .
Or you\'re fooling measurement (or detection)
What you usually use. .
That doesn\'t mean it didn\'t even happen. Hole in space-
Time means that this event cannot be detected by any means, and I think the camouflage analogy is still valid, and the effect of quantum mechanics hurts my head. . .
When the mechanical loom was developed, it was not known that the technology would lead to the generation of the CPU.
Even Einstein did not expect that E = mc2 might lead to the possibility of practical application, which was, in fact, certainly ignored.
The history of science is full of examples of unexpected consequences and brings great benefits to people.
Even if no one can think of the actual benefits arising from this, pure science should be pursued.
I\'m sorry so many people are disappointed with this article aimed at bringing science to the non-scientific fieldscientists.
You can choose to read the real peer review article or Harry Potter. Ahhh!
CNN cheated me again and asked me to read another crappy article. Agreed. Sigh.
An article about science is followed by an attack by idiots. . . ironic. . .
For those who say their money can be spent elsewhere. . . it was. . .
On your cable bill. . .
Go back and see the Kardashians and leave science to scientists. . .
Your money is safe. . .
An article on science was followed by an attack by a self-satisfied freshman who took a class and now thinks they know everything.
In case you haven\'t seen it, most of the dumb reviews on the technology forum are people (like yourself)
Like some type of big guy.
I don\'t want to tell you, but people who really know one or two things about science don\'t usually do that because they understand that the more we know, the less we know.
There must be a reaction.
Scientific ideas of the United States.
It comes not only from religious fanatics but also from the public.
I think this is always the case.
Hope not always.
At the same time, despite the pitchforks and torch cadres, articles like this may inspire a few, a few will, and it will push the progress of science to the point where there can be pitchforks and flashlights.
You see \"religious fanatics\" and all the other people see is warlike atheists, self.
Important technocrats
It was not until recently that he called those who found evidence faster than the light particle heretics.
Politicians in lab coats
By the way, I have never seen Richard Dawkins, but you will say that I have to accept that he has faith.
There must be a dark side to the author, and there are several references to the performance of \"negativity.
Let\'s rebuild it for medical, scientific, and time travel, or something more powerful than stealing. Nice!
Qianjiao, be with you at this point;
I was thinking the same thing when I read this.
CNN has to let junior journalists or interns who don\'t have the integrity of journalists write these things.
As far as you are concerned, all we hear is the application for Hollywood science fiction, the exciting theft and so on.
For this technology, there is little mention or even any insightful intention of scientific or medical applications.
About the sixth grade of entertainment, but the first grade about providing any useful information.
If humans can hide events, so can God.
How do you think he hid 6000 after 4 billion years of disclosure to humanity?
God has only concealed billions of years from stupid people.
For the rest of us, this is not hidden, but becomes apparent as scientific knowledge goes beyond the Bronze Age.
Yes, Odin is really strong.
More powerful than other false gods.
People think it\'s something new, but the military has been doing it for years.
People appear in strange places and don\'t know how they got there.
The whole ship disappeared and reappeared.
When John Q publicly heard what they were doing, it was decrypted and useless because they had something better. so. . . so. . . SO TRUE!
Isn\'t this the plot of the film Philadelphia experiment, not the actual events that happen in the real world?
Who and the boat?
Please let me know where you got the information from.
40 trillion seconds? Really! ! !
Boy, is it really worth all the money spent to achieve this? ?
I can\'t even think of it. Nonsense!
In that time! ! !
I think we can spend the money better, for example, buy a better battery for an electric car, a battery that can last for more than two years!
Or maybe a faster way to travel in space, or a better space vehicle!
ROMULANS have better stealth devices!
You\'re such an idiot. I know right?
Its value is almost half the tax cut we lose to companies that continue lies about Magic Sky Wizards!
Apparently the only thing that can stop us from robbing banks and museums is those damn security cameras!
Why do you think so stupid?
Obviously, I don\'t think it\'s ironic that Nebber is just joking, I think.
Reading this, the only obstacle between me and the bank vault seems to be the security camera.
I hope to have some minor discoveries in manipulating time.
Think about this.
In the past 100 s, we have learned almost everything about \"time.
In the past 20 years, this ratio has been around 90%.
In other words, our understanding of \"time\" grows faster than anything you can say.
So here\'s a question.
If humans live long enough, will \"time travel\" be possible?
Think about 1000, 5,000, 100,000?
If your answer is yes, it means that people in the future may have entered every period of history.
Why don\'t we see them? Maybe we have.
We thought they were aliens.
If time travel is found, it will be the most tightly regulated technology in history, as it will have the potential destructive power of all weapons combinations ever.
So why do they leave as aliens?
Because they can look back at history and see that we think they are aliens, and if they change that, everything in history can change, including the existence of humans on Earth.
More likely, people running \"time travel\" will be replaced by different people from different ancestors.
They are therefore motivated to follow the rules.
It already exists if possible. It does.
I come from the future.
What did you smoke this morning?
If any of us create a time machine, let\'s agree to come back 5 seconds after you post a reply.
Unless strictly regulated, time travel will be the most dangerous thing we can have.
Say you go back in the past and want to see your family and you find that your father will kill your mother and you kill him to save her, what will happen to you and your brothers and sisters in the future?
All the people they touched, their children!
Or, before Edison invented the light bulb, you go back to the past and invest heavily in him, and now you will be a millionaire in your tilme!
All of your kids will be millionaires, but what is the schedule for them to reach out to a lot of people, and now, they don\'t reach out to these people and see how dangerous time travel is! !
Time travel is impossible and impossible in all science fiction. .
Unless someone has the technology to travel through space on a specific orbit that perfectly matches the earth path when the universe expands, and one will start with the earth, but it may end in a star on the other side of several galaxies. .
Considering our understanding of the Celestial Path in the universe over time (
It\'s about 0.
001% required)
I think time travel is possible. . oh, Never!
It is impossible for us to cross time every second every day.
I know that semantic time travel is impossible for a simple reason: time is relative.
Everything in the universe experiences time according to the speed observed by the Observer.
When I move fast to you, you seem to be slow to me.
If I could travel for 10 years in my time at a speed close to the speed of light, and then come back, my family will no longer be alive.
They will live their lives and die, but only 10 years for me.
It\'s not science fiction. It\'s a fact.
It applies to everything in the universe.
To make it more extreme, parts of your own body are aging at different speeds.
For example, when you wave, it\'s aging slower than your legs at that moment.
However, these differences are so small that we don\'t know anything about them.
So it\'s natural to think that time is linear, not relational.
However, try to get a large number of moving parts (a person)
Somehow it is impossible to stop the moving part and then \"send it back\" through the universe of the moving part.
The problem of time travel itself is not an effective problem because time is not constant.
Cnn just made people sound new. . . . . . .
Then you do it.
He did, and he explained how the story happened.
The headlines are declassified, but the meat is purely a guess and a try.
There is nothing but smoke and mirrors. More mumble-
Confusion in order to get funding for research. Slight of hand.
The magician has been doing it for centuries.
Is jumbowait full?
I feel stupid, but I don\'t understand.
I know there\'s something hidden in our perception.
But can you still perceive the passage of time?
Wouldn\'t there be a few seconds between people who appear at point A and then at point B? Correct.
Another sensational title that failed to achieve.
I don\'t know much about all physics.
But since they have this gap installed in a beam of light, this person will move at the speed of the gap, that is, the speed of light.
So it seems that he will move from point A to Point B immediately.
I am based on the statement that you need a device that is 300,000 km long to cover one second.
I used to see Nathan explode at the metal center using paper bags to cross the time at normal times.
I tried it and it worked great!
Put a paper bag (
It\'s not plastic, otherwise you will kill yourself)
On your head, wait for the time you want, then take the bag off your head and bang!
You are in the future.
Bristol Palin likes to put a sheet on her head and break the wind.
Wow, I bet there will be results!
Is Dr. Brown alive?
I have not heard that this article is misleading.
They did not make a hole in space and time.
They delayed the beam in order to hide the object.
The author just wants to make it sensational. You\'re right.
The title is misleading.
It wasn\'t until now that I noticed that\'s why they quoted this sentence.
This is misleading, I agree. .
There is no doubt that this is a cheap way to attract the audience, but it is also a good way to keep the reader away from this sensational effect.
All the headlines on CNN are misleading.
The concept is simple, the effect is good, and the application scope is wide.
It\'s nice to hear that Geita is still doing a good job in optical research.
Hello, loveles. What\'s Fleischman doing?
I missed the & EP lab.
Hello everyone, I ran Professor McCall\'s idea of a \"space-time hole,\" which he said could be called-this stealth device is essentially creating an illusion of something that has never happened before.
We have no intention of misleading you.
Thanks for reading.
What is Professor Cnncall\'s field of expertise?
This is not what is described in this article.
Sorry for the news report, it has nothing to do with time and space, but maybe we can expect future false attention to attract CNN\'s headlines, such as the rag tag linesDear at Batchild life or other grocery stores dear I am not-
Science. I\'m not.
If you don\'t mind, would you please treat some of the diseases, solve our pollution/global climate change problems, and invent a clean and long-term fuel from the oil of the Islamic State, then continue with your toy and its main application will be in the mod? Thanks. AMEN! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Well said.
It is usually the opposite.
Many of the inventions/devices we use today originated in the military. Bravo!
That\'s great, isn\'t it?
We seem to spend more time and money creating problems than solving them.
You\'re in the wrong department.
Scientists don\'t wake up in the morning and randomly choose the problem to be solved according to the needs of society.
If you were a physicist, you wouldn\'t be looking for a cure for cancer.
If you are a neurosurgeon, you will not study the singularity chord theory.
Those who have the ability to study the issues you are seeking in education are actively involved.
Continue to provide these grants and donations!
It is impossible to cure any major disease, because there is no money in it, and the population will increase dramatically, so our resources will be consumed faster, sadly, when lon puts his hands in the pants of every politician in Washington like big pharm, people will still die from terrible diseases. Really?
Because being a scientist means that this person has expertise in all the areas you mentioned?
Or are people not allowed to pursue their own interests until all problems in the world are solved?
I\'m just trying to figure out what the hell you want.
I mean, it\'s not useful to learn something stupid like physics.
We are also solving these problems. . .
It all takes time, inspiration, blood, sweat, tears, and grant funds that will soon dry up as interest in all these areas of research is there, it\'s quite low now.
Inform your politicians that institutions like the NSF, NASA and NIH need taxpayers\' money to generate new grants/keep old ones.
These grants should be awarded to well-known scientists who produce good research results, which in turn creates jobs that, in the long run, produce innovation, discovery and medicines.
It takes time, but it starts with funding.
Maybe a bit too simplistic, but usually it works like this.
Let\'s do some research!
The Defense Department pays bills.
Who do you think is the cost of this study? . . . the DOD. . .
Images are not Photoshop, maybe Illustrator or something like that.
People who have never used Photoshop should probably not refer to Photoshop.
Although I hope it is some days, it is not magical.
Well, aren\'t you sir? Know-it-effin\'-all?
It could be either Photoshop or Illustrator or any of many other programs.
Don\'t pretend to be the \"person\" you know something about \". You mean. . . like you?
Cornell scientist? Bah.
Johnson caves are everywhere!
Think on the portal.
The cake is deceptive. . .
Why is it all related to crime?
So, contrary to the title, scientists do not make a hole in space --
Time, or anything far away, like a hole in space. time.
They have created a way to deceive observers.
The world of difference.
I found that almost all \"light-year\" articles are contrary to their titles.
That\'s my understanding too, and I\'m a little disappointed with that.
I have noticed that the title related to the adjustment of the black hole or time and space itself has nothing to do with the delayed light pulse.
This article is clearly written for children.
Hello everyone, I ran Professor McCall\'s idea of \"empty space and time\" and he said it was good to call it --
This stealth device is actually creating an illusion that has never happened before.
We have no intention of misleading you.
Thanks for reading.
Elizabeth Lando of CNNit is interesting and they explain possible applications with criminal examples.
Alcohol makes holes in space.
Thousands of years.
These scientists behave as they have recently discovered.
The same is true of the snooze button on the alarm clock.
You hit it, blink, an hour later.
It made me forget a night of red wine and green wine several times. . .
This \"space Hole\"
\"Time\" has been created by physicists at the famous Sarah Palin University (
Floyd County, Arkansas campus).
They are currently using it to cover up the Republican presidential nomination known as the head hole. time\".
I believe this is something that often happens in my family.
I have no other explanation for the non-quantity
Matching socks from the dryer.
Interesting topic but who wrote this crap?
Someone much smarter than you.
Well, sir, tie me up. Scott.
Modify the detector with curves (fish eye)
Footage that can be corrected to identify the culprit?
Does this process include curves?
Wow, this \"illustration\" is the worst twist I \'ve ever seen in Photoshop or any visual media.
I don\'t think the image was created in Photoshop but in Illustrator or something like that.
People who don\'t use Photoshop probably shouldn\'t reference it.
I can, because I use it a lot.
TV shows claim that a lot of things it can do can\'t be done, or it can\'t be done well.
It\'s not magical, though sometimes I hope it\'s not magical when you see some images that people want me to clean up.
It could be either Photoshop or Illustrator or any of many other programs.
Don\'t pretend to be the \"person\" you know something about \". i use (APS)also.
This can be done.
Why use a vector-based program (AI)
The operation is basically a raster image of the image clipping and application effect?
People tend to use the word \"Photoshop\", just as they do with the word \"Google\", even if they are searching with Bing or other search engines.
It is often used as a verb in context, not as a product name.
When they write quirks, are they really referring to Quark? i-ness?
Lightyear strives to tell stories about scientific research, discovery, space, and education.
This is yours. Reported on CNN.
For today\'s story, it is also a scientific perspective on news and everyday miracles.
Come and enjoy all the space and science that the CNN family brings you.
July 19 U. S. Department of Defense MUOS-
2 satellites, known for the large \"551\" configuration of AtlasAug 3rdJapanese HTV
4 cargo supply missions to the International Space Station 14 spacex launches the Canadian satellite for the first time from their new Vandenberg facility and the upgraded Falcon 9 v1 for the first time.
1 launch vehicle 28thDelta iv nrol-
65 spy satellites
36 crew members on an expedition back to Earth from the International Space Station (Kazakhstan)
ThOrbital science war early air cargo vehicle Antares rocket ISSSept month thSoyuz TMA-
The 10-meter flight launch expedition launched by Falcon 9v1 sent 38 crew members to ISSDec 9thSpaceX dragon. 1 on CRS-
3 mission to provide cargo to issrelcurringfirst, the first power test flight of a larger composite spacecraft, Virgin Galactic will be used for secondary
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