how the right light bulb can increase your productivity

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-07
Optimizing your productivity is the key to best performing at work.
Although this statistic is somewhat frustrating, the third part of our life is spent at work, so in order to make our life as happy and healthy as possible, it is in our best interest to make our work space comfortable and vibrant.
An important way to do this is to pay close attention to the lighting of our space.
Factors such as color temperature, bulb type, and excess
Lighting can have a huge impact on your work and help you improve your productivity.
When you work in a home office, you have more freedom of decoration and design than working in a cubicle in the office, so you can do more to improve your environment.
The main factor to be considered in the discussion of scientific \"healthy\" lighting behind healthy lighting is natural light.
According to researchers at Northwestern University\'s neuroscience program, sunlight exposure is closely related to the activities and quality of life of office staff.
On the other side of the study, office staff working in an environment without windows generally experienced harmful results.
The scientific explanation of this phenomenon is our circadian rhythm, which is the natural change of our body and the \"on\" and \"off\" of our biological clock to signals from our environment-that is, light
For example, getting natural sunlight at the same time every morning can keep our circadian rhythm regular, thus promoting regular sleep patterns.
Like this morning\'s exposure, the day of the entire working day keeps you on your toes and works with a higher capacity. (
Just having a window in your home office doesn\'t always mean you have the right light.
Your window may be small or in a position where there is little direct light.
In addition, there are problems of working during non-working hours. daylight hours.
Maintaining intelligence about artificial light you use in your home office or workplace can directly improve your productivity.
When choosing the right bulb, it\'s all about color temperature.
Color temperature describes the color features of the light, usually warm (yellowish)or cool (bluish)
, Expressed in Kelvin (K).
Light with lower color temperature usually looks red, while the lamp with the highest temperature looks blue.
Imagine it as holding an iron rod on a flame.
When heated for the first time, the iron looked red, but then it became \"white hot\" and finally \"blue hot \".
The same is true of color temperature.
The temperature during the day at noon is usually around 5500 K, and according to the time, season and weather of the day, the temperature will rise to about 6800 K.
About 5500 K of all-optical spectrum light is usually the best for people, plants, schools and offices.
Their longevity and environmental protection
Friendly, LED bulb is the best choice.
LED bulbs like smart LIFX Edison screws, Kobi A19 and lighting are all at this temperature and are the smart choice for your home office. Over-
As the name implies, overlighting
Lighting is completely exposed to too much light.
The body actually treats it as complete darkness, so it can have a negative effect on our internal clock.
Health effects can range from high levels of fatigue and stress to more dangerous things such as high blood pressure and increased cancer risk.
Green Lighting, in fact, what affects our productivity is the science of complex color temperature and then the actual color.
Green eye mask for details-
Fields-oriented such as accounting and copy editing in early 1900, as well as the original green banking lights, help reduce eye fatigue from incandescent lamps, but the effect can still be applied today.
Using green in your office, whether it\'s a green wall, a green lampshade, or a green LED bulb somewhere in the office, can increase productivity by promoting focus and focus.
Adjusting lighting is just a way to improve your attention and productivity.
What have you done to improve your working environment?
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