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by:DGT Lighting     2020-01-15
Bulbs that are too high for you usually don\'t have globes or shadows.Most often, these types of lights are embedded in the ceiling, especially in high arched ceilings.Most homeowners do not have more than 20 feet high ladders to reach these types of fixtures.
You can change a bulb that you can\'t reach with a retractable grab bulb, which is like an extension of your arm, with a trigger or squeeze handle that can operate a suction cup or claw at the other end of the tool.The Reacher acquisition card is available in the home improvement center.Turn off the wall switch of the fixture with the faulty bulb.
Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.
These bulbs are often not replaced for a period of time.When you change the light bulb, there will be fragments of spider webs and dust.Safety goggles will protect your eyes from these particles.
Spread out and grab until it is fully stretched.Some grab the twist movement of the wife and children, the focus of the arm.Place the grab claw or suction cup at the end of the bulb.
Squeeze the trigger handle to open the lower jaw or expand the suction cup.Place the bulb end of the reacher around the bulb until you feel the resistance.Slowly loosen the trigger to engage the chin or suction cup.
Twisted grab reacherScrew down the bulb on the socket clockwise.Gently lower the end of the grab bulb and remove the bulb from the tool.Put the new bulb into the grip re grab re tool end and lift the bulb end onto the socket.
Turn the grip bulb clockwise and screw the bulb into the socket.This requires some patience, especially when you are using this tool for the first time.Keep turning until the bulb is not easy to access the socket.
Don\'t try to tighten further because you may cause the bulb to break.Squeeze the trigger handle to open the chin or loosen the suction cup.Fold the reacher and store it.Turn on the wall switch of the lamp
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