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by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-16
In addition to directional lighting control and energy saving, another feature of rail lighting is the opportunity to upgrade or change the appearance of the overall assembly by changing the type or style of a single lighting device.Changing the light fixture, often referred to as the lighting \"head\", is a simple program that can be done in a few minutes to refresh the track light.
Enter the lighting equipment track from the ladder.
Remove the track fixture by pressing or sliding down the lock label on the fixture base and then reversing the base counter-clockwise to release it from the track channel.
Insert the end connection of the new track fixture into the track channel, make sure that the indicator line or arrow is aligned with the specified side of the track, and then rotate the base clockwise in the track channel to lock it in place.Most lighting tracks have a line on one side of the track length to specify the \"hot\" side of the track, and the lighting device itself has a similar alignment line or arrow name.
Insert the bulb into the new track fixture and then adjust the target direction of the fixture as needed.
For all additional track fixtures to be replaced, Repeat steps 2 to 4.
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