how to change the light bulb in a maglite 2-aa flashlight

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-06
Reliable and durable flashlights are an important part of your gear when you\'re out on an adventure. The Maglite 2-
AA flashlights, also known as Mini Maglite AA flashlights, are compact enough to fit in a backpack and provide stable light when needed.
Pack spare batteries and spare bulbs to make sure you carry a working flashlight with you.
Description difficulty: easy to buy the right replacement bulb for Maglite 2AA flashlight.
According to Maglite, the part number lm2a 001 is the correct replacement bulb for this special flashlight model.
You can use the store locator link in the Resources section of this article to find a store on your trip to sell bulbs.
Replacement bulbs are usually found in hardware stores.
Turn off the flashlight and unscrew the bottom of the flashlight housing.
Pour the flashlight over so the battery comes out.
You should always remove the battery before trying to replace the bulb.
Find the light focus adjustment section at the top of the flashlight.
This is the part where you turn left or right to adjust the focus of the beam.
Turn it clockwise until the top of the flashlight is off.
Be careful when removing the top, as there may be a lens cover on the bulb.
Remove the old bulb from Maglite.
You may have to move it in order to relax it;
Some bulbs may pop up, while others need to be pulled out by guiding the bulb connector tip to two slots that allow the connector tip to slide out of the housing.
Be careful not to squeeze too tightly when catching the bulb.
Gently push the new bulb into place to ensure that the two connector tips slide into place without bending.
You may need to use two slots on one side of the flashlight bulb housing to guide the tip in place.
When turning on the flashlight, if there is a lens cover, please replace the lens cover and gently twist the lens cover back into place.
Reinstall the battery and tighten the bottom of Maglite in place.
Press the on switch to test the bulb.
You may need to adjust the light focus by rotating the top of your flashlight left or right.
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