How to Choose Lighting Fixtures for an Open Floor Plan

by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-21
The open floor plan provides a spacious, airy feel for any home.Installing enough artificial lighting helps keep the open-ended bright and pleasant while providing more informationLighting is needed.Create a lighting plan to help you select your light fixtures according to your lighting needs and wishes, and complement the architectural features of your home.Making a lighting budget that you can live with will help narrow down your lighting options.Create a lighting plan to accommodate the expected activities of the open floor plan.Unique features of building space--Catering, life, sleep, cooking--I need a wide variety of lamps to adapt to these activities.The three types of artificial lighting basically meet the needs of indoor lighting-Overall environment, specific tasks and decorative accents.In addition, consider the architectural features of the open floor plan, such as high ceilings, lack of interior walls and numerous windows, to determine the lamps that fit your design.Development computer-Generated or paperand-Pencil sketches will allow you to create separate areas in visual form.Include in the sketch an existing power outlet for placing the plugIn the lamps.Ambient lighting provides overall, general lighting through a flick switch.It provides instant lighting for dark spaces, allowing you to see furniture and other items in the dark that you may bump or trip.Embedded ceiling lamps are ideal and subtle sources of ambient lighting.You can install them throughout the open floor plan to illuminate the entire room.Increase the dimmer switch to control and soften the light intensity.Ceiling-Install or track lighting equipment to provide other ambient light options in the open floor plan.Rail lighting creates a more modern atmosphere while the ceiling-The installed fixtures are available in a variety of styles to complement the traditional or modern style.Task lighting allows you to perform specific activities--Read, sew, dine, prepare food, play games, pursue hobbies-No eye fatigueCoordinating the strategic layout of mission lighting is particularly important in a spacious, open environmentconcept room.For example, the shiny chrome pendant lights hanging on the kitchen island provide targeted lighting for the modern-style food preparation area.Situate silver-Color table or floor lamp next to the modern sofa, offering complementary lower-Light for reading.Extend the modern appeal by hanging avant-garde silver chandeliers on the dining table, and provide mission lighting for the dining area.Under-Cabinet lighting can help illuminate the kitchen counter when you prepare meals.Highlight lighting to provide a visual interest in lighting in an open floor plan.Targeting a specific object or region adds beauty and adds dramatic talent.For example, installing a drawing light above a brightly colored painting helps to bring the artwork to life by illuminating the details, colors and lines of the artwork.Place upPointing to the light next to a potted tree can create dramatic leaf shadows on the ceiling.Adjust the ceiling eye lamp to highlight special objects on the open shelf or place it to illuminate the building niche.
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