how to choose the right led light for your aquarium

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-19
The latest way to light up the aquarium is to use LED bulbs, both because of their small life and carbon footprint, and because there are now a wide range of spectral options and strengths in the LED bulbs.
Here are some tips on how to choose the right LED lighting for your specific aquarium environment.
Considering the creatures you support the types of creatures you raise at the salt water aquarium can help you determine what LED lighting you need.
For example, if you have clams, corals, or some plants that grow deep in the ocean, these creatures have adapted to light at Blue and White wavelengths, the choice of LED bulbs should reflect this.
For aquarium settings with a large number of plants, blue and red wavelengths are essential for plants to effectively photosynthesis and live a healthy life.
But with LEDs, you can also eat cakes, because they allow you to create a natural light that imitates sunlight and moonlight, at the same time provide your organism with what is needed for a suitable environment.
Choose the color of the effect you are looking for once the light needs of your organism are met, you can play with a full set of colors depending on the way you want to show the aquarium.
For example, if you want to have a really realistic water bead in your aquarium, focus on the white LED bulb to make your setup look like it\'s in the sun.
LED lights in the blue spectrum, such as light LED bulbs, can really make your coral reef more beautiful.
LED lights can enhance the color of the water from the warm end of the spectrum, and when all your aquariums are fish, it is very helpful to bring out the best livestock.
In the case of selecting LED lights for the salt water aquarium, choose other considerations for LED aquarium lights, the best rule of thumb is to purchase the best lighting system you can afford, any LED lighting system you purchase can have a high price.
But the more expensive LED lighting module can offer some very good options.
For example, you can purchase settings with three full lines
LED bulb.
Since these bulbs are too small, you won\'t notice that they are part of the whole aquarium experience and their small size makes it easier for them to be transferred to your aquarium to work.
Another option is an automatic timer that can change the intensity of the LED bulb to reflect the actual day/night events without having to remember to manually dim the light.
When choosing the right LED light, an important consideration is to calculate the heat emitted by the bulb.
Compared with traditional fluorescent or metal halogen lamps, the heat emitted by LED lights is much lower, which means that the LED does not contribute to the heating of water.
But the LED bulb does release heat up and out.
Heat will not hurt your aquarium bio, but it will reduce the life of your LED bulb, so, consider adding a fan if you plan to have a large group of LED lights in your salt water aquarium.
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