how to convert 220v to 110v lighting

by:DGT Lighting     2020-03-07
Around the world, electricity operates at different voltages.
Therefore, in other countries, electronic equipment such as lighting equipment may require a converter to work properly.
If you have a lamp such as a lamp with a working voltage of 220 V, you can determine if the lamp needs a power converter or adapter at 110-
Determine 220-
Volt lighting you would like to use in countries with 110-
A converter is required for Volt electricity.
Find a sticker on the power cord.
Alternatively, sometimes the voltage information is printed directly on the device plug.
If the label lists a voltage range that includes 110 volts, a power converter is not required.
For example, a label can display \"220 V-110V.
\"This means that the device can work at any voltage of 220 V to 110 V.
Connect the device plug to the power converter.
If the rated power of your device is 110
Volts, push the end of the device plug into the available power outlet on the power converter.
110-determine the type of adapter plug used by the country
You can use an online resource such as shopicaloutlet.
Determine the type of adapter used in a specific country.
Plug the power converter into the adapter plug suitable for the country in which you want to use the lighting device.
Plug the adapter plug into the power outlet of the country in which you want to use the lighting device.
Move the power converter switch to the on position and start using the lighting.
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