How to Expand Track Lighting

by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-18
As long as your circuit can support additional wattage, the rail lighting system is modular and designed for expansion.There are many connectors for your rail lighting system.They allow you to turn in four different directions, increase the length, increase the branch or expand the track.The single track length is from 2 to 8 feet and can be cut with a steel saw for more customization.No additional wiring is required for extended track lighting.Determine the wattage your lighting circuit can support.This information tells you the number of fixtures you can add once you expand your track.The general rule of rail lighting is to add no more than one fixture per foot.A 15-amp, 120-Volt lighting circuits can support a total of 1,800 watts, but in order to avoid circuit overload, you have to deduct 20% Watts from the total wattage, so the safety capacity of the lighting circuit is equal to 1,440 Watts.A 20-amp, 120-The Volt lighting circuit supports a total of 2,400 watts, but the safety capacity is 1,920 Watts.Add the true wattage of the bulb to ensure that it does not exceed the wattage of the circuit.Also, note that the lower the track the fixture is connected to, the light may become darker because of the voltage drop.Compared to incandescent lamps, you can add more LED bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs to the extended track, because LED and CFLs are much less wattage than incandescent lamps.Turn off the track lighting circuit breaker inside the circuit breaker panel.Place a non-contact voltage sensor next to the wall switch that operates rail lighting.If there is a current at the switch, the sensor will beep and flash.Keep the sensor next to the track to make sure the circuit is disconnected.Find the screws at the end of the track, where you want to add another track to expand your system.Loosen the screw and pull the end cap from the track.Straight in, 90-Degree corner, \"T\" or four-Connect the connector to the end of an existing track.Insert a track on the connector.View the inside of the new track for mounting holes.Mark each mounting hole to the ceiling.Disconnect the track from the connector.Drive screw-type, 1-In each mounting hole position, the inch hollow wall threaded anchor is fixed to the ceiling.Attach a 1/8-If installed in the ceiling beam, install the inch drill bit on the power drill bit to form a guide hole on the ceiling.Reconnect the new track to the connector.Install the track to the ceiling using screws with anchors.Use 1-Inch wood screws if mounted on ceiling beams.Insert the end cap removed from the original track into the end of the new track.Tighten the screws on the end cap and fix them in place.Insert the bulb into a new lighting device.Install your fixtures anywhere along the track.Turn on the track lighting circuit breaker.
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