How to Fix Flickering Track Lighting

by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-18
Flashing is usually related to fluorescent tubes, not rail lights.The three most common problems when using rail lights are: the bulb is completely bad when making a \"ping\" sound;After years of faithful service, a lamp God died completely;Or the whole track, including all the lights, gets dark and stops working.However, if your rail lighting does Flash, don\'t ignore this symptom of a potentially serious problem.Run an experiment to see if you have a dimmer switch installed on a cheap compact fluorescent lamp or CFL.Screw out one or two existing bulbs and replace them with a higher bulbCost CFL bulb or lamp-Emitting diodes or LEDs depending on the system you have.Turn on the light and see if the flashing is weakening.If you have an old dialType dimmer, with the upgraded 300-Watt dimmer designed for the updated bulb type.Check if there is an incandescent light dimmer that controls low brightnessVoltage rail lighting.Low-Voltage rail lighting usually has a fancy curve and color finish and requires a dedicated electronic low level lightingDimmer.High-The voltage rail lighting comes with a straight track, a white finish and a more industrialized look.If you do not have the original packaging of the dimmer switch, or if its model is not visible on the cover, or if you have to replace the dial, unplug the dimmer from the wall-type dimmer.Cut off the power supply on the panel, go back to the dimmer, remove the cover plate, and test whether the power supply is indeed turned off by keeping the contactless voltage tester near the wire.Unscrew the screw that holds the dimmer in place and gently pull it from the box.Check out the manufacturer\'s online list to see if it fits your settings.If the dimmer is not suitable for the rail lighting system, replace it.Start shooting your current settings at close rangeUntil the color of each wire is clearly displayed and the label of the screw it connects to the current dimmer.Remove the existing wires from the fixed wire nuts and wires of the new dimmer.Fold the wire carefully into the box.Screws on the cover plate.Restore the power supply in the circuit box and test the new dimmer.If the most obvious and common problem is not found in the trouble shooting, please call the experienced electrician to do the line check immediately.Flashing lights, especially if combined with frequently tripped circuits, may be signs of wire aging, gnawing rodents causing short circuit of wires, due to poor binding and similar deterioration, gap in wire sleeve.This poses an imminent fire risk, so don\'t delay.
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