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by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-16
When updating the lighting in the bathroom or kitchen, you may consider installing one or two circular fluorescent lamps.These smaller versions of traditional rectangular fluorescence take up a lot less space and look stylish.Replacing ordinary lamps with fluorescent can also save you money, because the energy of fluorescent lamps is much larger.efficient.
Wear gloves to protect your eyes.Spread some drops under the work area.
Power off the room you are working on.Take a ladder.
Remove the old fixture cover by loosening the nut.Use a hand or a small pair of pliers if needed.Remove the bulb.
Remove the lamp mounting base with a screwdriver.Let the fixture loose.Keep the electrical tester at the wire connection to ensure that the power supply is indeed turned off.
Disconnect the wire from the wire nut.Please pay attention to the position of the wire so that it can be reconnected later.Remove the old fixture base.
Connect the mounting plate from the new fixture, just like when you remove the old fixture.Make sure your wire is connected correctly.
Connect the new mounting plate to the ceiling using a screwdriver and screws.The screws are mounted to the electrical box on the ceiling by mounting the base.
Connect the circular fluorescent bulb by inserting the male head connector on the bulb into the male head receiver in the lamp housing.Clip the bulb in place.
Install the lamp cover by tightening the lamp cover clockwise.Some covers are fixed with screws.
Turn on the power and check if the fixture is working properly.
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