How to Install Low-Voltage Indoor Track Lighting

by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-18
Install rail lights in the room to spread the light to where you need it, instead of overhead lights that illuminate only one area.The rail lighting system has movable fixtures that can point in any direction you want.Low-Voltage lighting offers many benefits to homeowners, including reducing energy consumption and reducing the risk of electric shock, and being cheaper than standard lighting.Low-Voltage lighting systems typically include transformers that reduce the current in the wire from 120 volts to 12 volts.First turn off the power at the switch, and then trip the circuit breaker of the entire circuit at the main electric box.Remove the existing fixture.Unscrew the lampshade and then unscrew the base of the fixture.When you remove the base, unlock the wires on the base and disconnect them from the wires sticking out of the ceiling.Mark the installation area of the track system on the ceiling.Measure the width of the installation area to determine the center, and then measure half the length of the track in each direction from the center to mark where the two ends will rest.As a guide, lay a masking tape on the installation area.Keep the junction box on the ceiling where the wire extends down.Track around the junction box and put it aside.Use a drywall saw to cut the marked area.Be careful not to cut any wires.Pull the wire sticking out from the ceiling from the back to the front and pass through the junction box.Screw the junction box to the ceiling beam and install it into the hole you cut.Cut mounting track 1/8Shorter than the mounting area of the Strip saw.This space can accommodate the end cap once the installation is complete.Use a hacksaw to do any other cutting of the rail parts to get the required length.Connect the track parts together as per the manufacturer\'s instructions.Keep the track on the ceiling.Align it with the tape and mark the position of each toggle bolt.Place the trajectory and drilling holes of each toggle bolt at the mark.Pull the tape down the ceilingPut the track back into the ceiling and align the holes of the toggle bolt with the holes in the ceiling.Insert the toggle bolt and partially tighten each bolt until there is a bolt in each hole.Install the end cap on the track and go back and tighten the toggle bolt.Follow the manufacturer\'s installation instructions to capture in the rail light.Many people simply press in, while others screw in.Slide the fixtures in place and point to the light bulb to illuminate the area of the room you wish to light up.Lock the fixtures in place as soon as you set them up just right.
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