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by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-15
Rail lighting can be mounted by using a separate support clamp that has a threaded bolt for barrel nuts.The suspended ceiling is supported from the ceiling by a separate support clip, and then the rail lighting is fixed by the barrel nut.This will allow you to install the rail lighting to the suspended ceiling that has already been installed.You can install rail lighting in the ceiling by first determining the length of the desired rail lighting.
Turn off the power to the room where the track lighting needs to be installed.Power off by turning off the circuit breaker on the board.
Remove all ceiling tiles from the frame of the falling ceiling and determine where the rail lighting will be installed on the ceiling.Find the wire holder that holds the falling ceiling frame to the ceiling.
Remove a wire from the frame part and insert a separate support clip on the frame.Reconnect the wire to a separate support clip to support the frame.Repeat this step for each row you want to run track lighting.
Connect the wire of the rail adapter to the junction box.Twist the white wire together and place a wire cover on the wire.Repeat this step for the black wire.Fix the ground wire to the ground screw of the junction box with a screwdriver.Use a screwdriver to fix the adapter on the junction box with a screw.
Insert the track of the track lighting into the adapter and insert it on the thread Bolt at the bottom of the stand-alone support clamp.Fix the barrel nut on the Bolt by hand to fix the track.Continue to install the track and go back and tighten the barrel nut with a wrench.
Insert the fixture into the track and position it to provide the required amount of light.Power back on to test track lighting.
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