how to layout recessed lighting

by:DGT Lighting     2020-08-01
When designing an embedded lighting layout, one of the most important principles is the beam angle.
In a recessed jar, the light is produced in the shape of a cone.
You imagine the lamp as a point on the lamp and form a circle on the floor.
The beam angle is the angle from which this light is emitted from the bulb.
For example, 60-
If the fixture is 9 feet away from the floor, the degree beam angle will produce about 8 feet aperture on the floor. See a Diagram.
This is only part of the formula.
The circle of light we now have on the floor is not exactly the same.
The circle of about five and a half feet is a good bright light, while the rest spills and decreases as it gets farther and farther from the center.
It is very important to understand this.
With this information, you can overlap the spilled light so that you can get a beautiful even pattern of light throughout the area you are trying to light up.
When you plan to do this, remember something called a work plane.
This is about 30 \"above the floor.
This is the place with the most tasks.
The working plane is important because as the distance between the fixture and the surface to be lit decreases, the circle we are talking about also decreases.
In the living room or study room, design the lighting scheme so that we can see even light on the floor.
In the kitchen, however, this work machine becomes more important.
That\'s why in the kitchen, keeping the insert lights at a distance of about 4 feet creates a pattern that even has a strongly rounded part on the work plane.
In addition to the bulbs and jars, there are a few other things that shape the lighting pattern.
The finish decoration on the insert lamp can change the mode of light.
The wall washer creates a half cone that can target the wall or fireplace.
The pin-point decoration guides the light into a very narrow beam to illuminate a small object.
This should give you a basic idea when you do an embedded lighting layout.
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