How to Remove a Track Light Fixture

by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-21
The rail lighting kit is usually equipped with three or four fixtures and is installed anywhere in the length of the track.The track is also designed to accept multiple track fixtures regardless of the style of the fixture.While technically you can be in a 4-foot track --The supplied track is the only circuit of the product, and the power of no more than 80% is available in one month-Amplifier lighting circuit-You may not want to try more than four fixtures.Once you know how to remove and replace the track fixture is simple.Turn off the light switch that powers your track light fixture.Place the non-contact voltage tester next to the ceiling track.If the circuit is powered off, the tester should not light up or give a sound alarm.Grab the fixtures around the small square leaning against the track.Pull down on the square.When you pull the square, it releases the label that holds the fixture on the track and allows you to rotate the fixture left or right.Remove the track light fixture from the track on the ceiling.When you visit the lighting store, bring the track fixture and find the fixture with the same electrical contact label configuration as the original fixture, because some track fixtures have three contact labels, there are only two others.Install the new track fixture by inserting the electric contact label into the track.Rotate the fixture left or right, attach the label to the copper slot inside the track, and then release the fixture after the fixture is stuck into the track.Turn on the light switch to power the track.
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