How to Replace Track Lighting Fixtures

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-03
Rail lighting consists of a live track mounted on a ceiling or wall and a single fixture connected at any point on the track.Replacing fixtures is an easy process, provided that you can find replacement fixtures or a complete set of new fixtures that are compatible with the track system.To ensure compatibility, only fixtures manufactured by manufacturers with the same track are used.To start working on a rail fixture, the power supply to the illuminated track must be turned off.The only way to make sure the power is off is to turn off the appropriate circuit breaker on your home service panel (circuit breaker box.Then, test the movement of the voltage, using non-Contact the voltage tester to confirm that the power is off.Turning the light switch on the wall does not guarantee that the power of the lamp is turned off.Rail lighting manufacturers often have their own proprietary system-mounted lights.Therefore, lamps from different manufacturers are often not interchanged.Remove the light you want to replace and bring it to the store where you originally purchased the light fixture.If you don\'t know where it was purchased, you \'d better take it to a shop specializing in lighting to match the light.Make sure the replacement fixture you purchased has the exact same installation system.Even minor differences in lights may adversely affect their functions.Although the rail lighting systems of different manufacturers are different, the installation of fixtures is often similar.To remove the rail fixture, grab the base and turn it 90 degrees.However, before removing the light, mark its position with a faint pencil line or a bit of the painter\'s masking tape.Also, please pay attention to the direction of the light and which part of the room it illuminates.To install the replacement fixture, the metal contacts on the fixture base are aligned to the track and then 90-Degree turns capture the light in place and combine the contacts with the upcoming contactsto-A dynamic track.Before testing the lights, make sure you have the right bulb installed as well.To restore the power of the circuit, turn on the circuit breaker on the service panel.If the replacement light does not work, test the bulb before returning to the fixture.If it works, adjust the direction of the light to make it glow in the same area as the original light.
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