How you decorate the lights of your home, specifically

by:DGT Lighting     2020-09-04

So, how to decorate your kitchen lighting is very important.

Choose the working areas are the first thing we have to consider. Different lighting beams are designated for different working areas. Such as the stations for making coffee or using the cutting board, sinks, desks or tables. Some people like to use halogen bulbs, because the light is colorful, but they aren't too bright. Others use fluorescent bulbs for their high bright light.

Actually, there is a popular way ----- cabinet lights. When you install new cabinets, please leave enough room to shed the cabinet lights.

You still have the second choice--- hanging the lights from the ceiling. This idea will decorate your kitchen beautiful and romantic. You can change this lighting to the right size for the height of your kitchen.

Last, you can also recess lights into the ceiling. They designed to offer lighting for your work. We considered it as the best choice for the lighting style because electrician will wire them extensively into the walls and won't take any room of your kitchen.

Then, most of us know that we only have limited room for the kitchen, many people annoyed by this problem. Usually, people simply accept the normal way of lighting and never think about changing it to save the space, how we can solve the problem; The secret is in how lighting is layered in a space.

Many fixtures will help our lighting duties, but in order to choose wisely, the first step is to understand some tips of light.

First, we have to choose the task. This lighting should illuminates work stations where you are preparing food or the place you have to see it clearly to see what stock you have.

Then, you can choose your own accent. You can put highlight for adding depth and dimension. For examples, install recessed adjustable fixtures and track lights or put some banner with interesting words on it.

Last, give a good use of under cabinet lighting. This will help to get shadows on the counters, and adding critical light to the workspace. Fluorescent under cabinet fixtures will also takes efficient lighting.

You defiantly have some special home objects, architectural detail, or food presentation areas, for this, you can also use recessed lighting. For supplying additional light to navigate around your kitchen in the evening, you can use under cabinet lighting in cabinets, and bottom spaces.


Consider putting each different type of lighting on a separate circuit if you are doing a home remodel. This will give you more control and it can also save you money on your electricity bill.

If you can't afford to install all several types of lighting, decide based on the primary functions of the room. If it is only used for cooking, focus on task lighting. If you spend more time eating than cooking, focus on ambient light.

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