If you are a night owl and work late night, LED

by:DGT Lighting     2020-09-20


The LED lights may not give as bright a light as the incandescent lights. The LED desk lamp fixtures are also more expensive than the normal incandescent ones. Yet many people like to invest in LED desk lights because, apart from the efficiency factor, they may not after all like very bright lights. People often prefer dimmer lights for certain tasks and too much of a glare can act as a disturbance in such cases. Know your preference and pick your choice accordingly.


The design of the lamp is also an important factor. Although I generally prefer the traditional style designs, some of the modern designs are very attractive from functional aspects. For example, the model Lumian LED Light is designed so that you can fold the head of the lamp when it is not in use. This is a great feature especially for an already cluttered nightstand. In addition, the model comes with an integrated night light. This feature is another great space saver since you are having two lamps in one with that feature.

Additional Features

You must also consider the direction and lighting options of the model. For example, if you want to swing the light to different positions, a double-jointed model should be ideal for you. Similarly, a multiple light setting will allow you the freedom to reduce or increase the light intensity according to your requirement. However, if you want the LED lamp to light up a selected area for instance, a specific area of your table or bed, a stationary model will work just as fine for you. Just be certain of your requirements and make the purchase accordingly.

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