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by:DGT Lighting     2020-09-04

There are some basic rules to get you a contemporary home decor. The fundamental aspects are subtle sophistication, clean lines, simplicity and appealing textures. Interiors today are preferred to showcase more space than things;and this could be arrived at by subtle use of color, shape and space of installation.


In the contemporary, neutrals, white and black are the dominant colors. The color palette is often accented and punched up with bold frames. Black and similar dark earth colors are used to define the ground elements. The walls however are coated with basic neutrals with fantastic backdrops. If at all the walls are painted in pastels, the color theme for the trims is neutral by default. If the wall is bold and bright, there should be neutrals everywhere else.

Line and space

The most distinctive and obvious element of the contemporary is lining. It is found in architectural details, high ceilings, bold color blocks, geometric wall shapes and bare windows. The bare space between walls and between two pieces of furniture installation is an important area to focus into. In the contemporary, less is always more. Do take advantage of all the structural elements available. Some air ducts in broken bricks, ceilings and elsewhere can provide stability to the whole structure. This is also the reason that exposed plumbing pipes are accepted in contemporary style of decor. One may even draw attention to these corners by painting them in bold contrasting colors.

Upholstered pieces in the contemporary always wear the basic color mentioned above in natural textured fiber. Fabrics always come with a natural look that is found in cotton, wool, silk, jute, linen, and other textured materials. These furniture pieces need to be uncluttered and simple without elaborate curves and decorations. As an example, beds and chairs in the contemporary style of decor don't have any fringe, tassels or skirt.

Some useful tips for the contemporary

Use bold furniture over sober backgrounds. Display your favorite color on the piece.Less is always more. This is the mission statement for the contemporary. Replace small and cute designs by bright and bold installations.Contemporary floors are smooth and bare and in wood or vinyl primarily. Choose commercial grade carpet if you have to.Generously use metal, glasswork, and stone pieces to fill up an installation space. Soft colors and fabrics on the other hand will warm up corners you would like to.Recessed lighting and Track lighting could be used to give a light wash in discrete corners. This will rightly create the ambience for privacy!Geometric shapes, natural wood, bold corners and focused lighting are all it takes to bring in the contemporary.

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