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by:DGT Lighting     2020-09-04

Interior and Exterior Connection Can Enhance A Dining Room

The beauty of the room may be determined not only by the window treatments but by how the window's scenery is treated. This involves thinking about how the exterior landscape will find continuity intothe dining room by interior plants and trees that border a window. This interior/exterior connection is very important in bringing the charm of an exterior environment into the shelter of a dining room


Imagine if you were new to Chicago, and you were asked: What makes chicago dining room furniture unique? Is there an essence to chicago dining room furniture? In this age of imported furniture, how does one make furniture their own, such as making their Chicago bungalow look like it is filled with geographic-specific chicago dining room furniture instead of furniture from Bombay? Can chicago dining room furniture claim a style all its own? This level of uniqueness may still be on designer drawing boards.

But you do not have to wait for the next big thing. The introduction of unique elements such as fabric panels, track lighting, fireplaces, mirrors, close-to-the-ceiling plate rails for showing dishes and collectibles, window frames, ceiling detail; and paint and trim can all make your chicago dining room take on an air of being comfortable and being inviting as well.

Flow and Placement

It is important to think of the subtle activity that a dining room undergoes when guest are invited. Dining rooms will have a server exiting or entering. Dining rooms may have lines of people at a side table. There may be people who want to get up from their chairs in a dining room and appreciate the china in the china cabinet and buffet. Remember also that your guests will want to move their chairs back to relax. Hosts must also keep their guests from tripping with their dessert. So next time you enter a pretty chicago dining room, don't just look at the individual pieces of furniture, but ask yourself instead, would I enjoy eating in it?

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