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by:DGT Lighting     2020-08-21

In a crack down on English-medium institutions, including both unaided and partially aided (those that get a dearness allowance) for a sudden inspection of their account statements after nearly 500 private schools received a circular warning them of serious repercussions in terms of taking legal action if they didn't co-operate with the Government's stand. Schools not providing the Government with detailed information pertaining to its admission and teacher-recruitment procedures, fee structures, balance sheets and pay scales of both the teaching and non-teaching staff. Even new schools aren't spared from the rod of discipline and schools must now sign an undertaking to the government barring which the Government will not issue them the no-objection certificates.

How immature can the Government get? Imagine, it intends introducing a clause in the application forms so that new institutes make sure they abide by the norms before they are either not granted an affiliation status or if already there, then will be de-affiliated. A number of English-medium schools had increased their tuition and other fees from the year 2009, by 75% to 110%. In response to the move of the government, Nabarun Dey, the principal of Central Modern School and the general secretary of the Association of ICSE Schools asked 'How can the government compel us to show our balance sheets?

He also added that his school did not take a single paisa from the government to function and that he would oppose the decision and challenge the move at a proper forum, if required. A group of furious Parents from Liluah, St Aloysius, St Teresa, Don Bosco, St Loyola and St Anthony School have even gone to the extent of staging a protest accusing the school authorities of financial mismanagement. One of the provisions mentioned in the code of education laws empowers the government to ask private schools for any data but on the contrary, a number of private English-medium schools in unison accused the government of infringing on their rights by making it mandatory for them to reveal their financial data.

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