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by:DGT Lighting     2020-01-31
Traditional incandescent lamps have dominated our lighting needs for decades.The technology is now being phased out due to rising energy costs.LED technology is replacing it.LED downlights are an important part of this trend.
In some of the worst environments, they can be used indoors or outdoors.For example, they are used on pleasure and commercial vessels, including the exterior of the deck and mast.Led has three advantages.They consume less energy, lower production costs, and longer life.
These three benefits add up to great value.Perhaps their biggest advantage is that they consume less energy than standard bulbs.They also need less energy to make.Both of these energy-saving measures mean that the overall carbon emissions of led are significantly reduced and are a major advantage of the environment.
The working life of the LED can range from 40,000 hours to 100,000 hours.This is life under the age of 11.Continuous light for 5 calendar years, 24x7.In contrast, incandescent lamps typically last only a few thousand hours.
Led lighting degradation is also quite limited.Typically, the LED may suffer a maximum 20% lumens depreciation after 40,000 hours of operation.The lifetime of LEDs is almost untrustworthy, reflecting the combination of at least three important factors.
First of all, they do not contain any glass or any filament.Second, they produce very little heat.Third, it is produced using almost unbreakable tough resin.Due to the low power, low heat, and no harmful smoke of the led, it is given a higher level of safety.
LEDs, for example, do not contain toxic mercury.In contrast, toxic materials were found in more traditional forms of lighting.This consideration is particularly relevant for the lighting needed for children to occupy space.
Its toughness, durability and reliability give the LED the confidence to choose in extreme situations.Maritime and aviation applications are leading examples.Their risk of failure is low.Aesthetically, one may report that they find the lighting produced by LEDs to be effective, comfortable and soothing.
They are arranged in amazing sizes, colors, shapes, styles and designs.There are accessories suitable for any environment, which can satisfy almost all personal tastes.LED downlights are increasingly penetrating into many lighting markets.
They are found in many residential commercial marine and aviation environments.This trend will continue
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