led downlights for businesses

by:DGT Lighting     2020-02-05
Whether it\'s a retail store or an office, there\'s one thing in common with expensive electricity bills.
Lighting, due to long-time lighting, accounts for a large part of the electricity bill for any business.
From the opening of the store or office to the closing of the door, the lights are usually on, and for some offices, the lights are usually on during non-working hours.
Restaurants are particularly hit by a huge blow as they use halogen salt under warm white light, which can be very inefficient.
Most enterprises use fluorescent lamps, although they may not have problems in efficiency, they still have many problems and have a short life span.
Why do enterprises use LED lighting?
Welcome to the future, especially in the business area, LED lights will soon become the inventory standard.
This is because they are not only the most energy-efficient lights around, but also the most versatile, safest, durable, and commercially compliant lights.
LED lights are not only more efficient than the fluorescent lamps we often see, but also nearly 5 times more efficient than halogen lamps used in restaurants.
The best part is how many choices they have most LED downlights come in a variety of colors, so they can easily replicate the look of the warm white halogen lights that are emitted in the restaurant, and the appearance of a cool white fluorescent lamp to make the office look
In terms of safety, compared with fluorescent lamps, LED downlights will blow other lights out of the water (Mercury)
, The LED does not contain any toxic material, and there is no very small fragile glass owned by fluorescent and halogen lamps.
If the LED light drops, there is a good chance that it will not break and break.
In order to meet the necessary lighting regulations in the office, almost all LED downlights are built according to commercial standards.
Another major benefit of LED downlights is how long they live, and the life of most LEDs will start around 25,000 hours, increasing to more than 50,000 hours depending on the quality.
Compared with CFL lamps for up to 15,000 hours and halogen lamps for only 2,500 hours, LED downlights hardly need to be replaced compared to other lamps.
In a business where many lights have been replaced and electricians have been hired, it can be a very expensive job to switch to LED to save you a lot of money.
Simply put, you will save a lot of money to create a safer working environment for you and your employees.
How do the switch?
Here are a few simple steps.
Identify your lighting needs
Color and beam angle 2.
Check out your existing fixtures.
Find the right LED downlight to meet the above 2 needs. 4.
Find a good online LED lighting retailer as they are usually the cheapest, mention that you are a business and see if you can get a good discount. 5.
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