led downlights installation guidelines

by:DGT Lighting     2020-02-03
LED downlights are usually as easy to install as any ordinary incandescent lamp.
Most applications include plugging them into electrical outlets where power is running out of AC power (AC 110-230V)
Because high quality LED lights have their own built-in-
In Transformers, this is a plug-and-play DIY scene that can be easily and quickly implemented without having to install a transformer on each downlight-
This is usually a situation where people are annoyed when running halogen.
However, it is essential to note that there are some scenarios that require more patching so that the LED downlight works at the best level and will not be damaged during the process.
Two key factors to consider when installing LED lights are whether your downlights will run out of DC (DC 12V)
Install and/or use the dimmable option.
In both cases, it is critical to make sure you have the right hardware settings so that your LED downlights can give the best light in their very long operating life.
First of all, you need to purchase MR16 if you want to turn off the 12v DC system (socket type)
Install the right transformer.
Magnetic transformers are the most commonly used power modulation equipment in most homes and businesses, and are the type of transformer needed to best run LED lights.
They are also very cheap and you can find them in any appliance store.
It would be great if you did.
Again, this is a simple plug and play.
However, the LED downlight will not run out of the electronic transformer (
Or a more well-known \"switching power supply\" in the technical field \"). So -
The best way is to make your friendly neighbor sparky (electrician)
Come on in ~
He/she will be able to identify, find and replace the transformer if needed.
It is worth mentioning that you should not run a mix of different lighting techniques on the same 12v circuit, as you may encounter a drop in lighting for LED downlights, or they may not be at all.
With a 12v system, it can be all LEDs or all halogen lamps.
Secondly, if you want to dim the led lights, then you need to purchase the dimmable led downlight option and install the appropriate dimmer switch. A Bell-
Push dimmer switch is the best equipment to control the voltage increase or decrease of dimmable LED Downlight, which should be provided to you by LED lighting supplier when you purchase.
LED lights are not running well (
Or in some cases)
Push from the old style
Button dimmer switch.
Like a magnetic change, a Bell
The push dimmer switch is both essential and relatively cheap.
So if you need a 12 v led downlight or dimmable option (
AC or DC current)
You need to make sure that the magnetic transformer or Bell dimmer switch is installed separately.
This will ensure that your LED lights operate at 100% efficiency and have an exceptionally long life span without any hassle.
Be sure to follow the LED downlight installation guide provided by the LED lighting supplier and use a trained electrician to complete the first installation safely and correctly.
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