LED fire lights can be used both in case of emergencies

by:DGT Lighting     2020-09-19

LED fire lights can be used as decoration on your SUV and make it look beautiful on evenings and nights. Flashy cars can really look great under the special effects of the lights. However, it should be noted that there are federal regulations and standards for emergency or decoration lighting used on vehicles. So, one has to make sure that the flashy blue and red strobe lights stick to the permitted standards. There are several features that make these flashing lights so useful and popular.

LED fire lights come with powerful controllers. These controllers could be in the form of a control box or a chip that can be embedded in the circuit in an extremely compact fashion. The controller determines how many flashing patterns your emergency lighting can have. In some cases, there could be 30 - 40 flashing patterns which are comprised of permutations and combination, making each light module turn on and off. The pulse of the flickering can also be controlled and varied by the control box, which is just a few inches long and a couple of inches wide. The LED modules are longer and are comprised of separate sections which can be individually controlled.

LED fire lights with individually controllable segments usually tend to have more flashing options. The segments can be individually operated and turned on and off. The segments can also be individually replaced, thus offering plenty of flexibility. In fact, the controller can be used to have alternating colors and flashing and flickering patterns in each of the segments. The voltage sources for the lighting varies between 10 - 13V DC sources. The current flowing through the circuits is very low.

LED fire lights and strobes use plenty of improvisation including the use of lenses and colored filters to send out highly powerful and intense colored beams that can be seen from far away. The mounting angle of these lights could be varied. Moreover, the off angle visibility of these LED lights is high to ensure that there is 360 degree propagation of light, which is the purpose of emergency lighting. Apart from colored filters, chrome deflectors are also used. Thermoplastic casings and polycarbonate bases are used for emergency vehicle lighting. LED light modules can be purchased with their mounting brackets and can be attached to both the front and the rear end of the vehicle if required.

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