led home lighting - a beginner\'s guide

by:DGT Lighting     2020-07-25
Most people have encountered LED lighting in one way or another;
Usually in the flashlight, Christmas lights and garden lighting powered by solar or power.
However, many people still don\'t know that home LED lighting is not only possible now, but also the future of home lighting.
The lighting industry is rapidly declining, low in the current generationenergy lamps (
Compact fluorescent or CFLs-
Clumsy, fancy, full of mercury steam, this is a nightmare to dispose).
Giants like Philips Lighting have shown their commitment to home LED lighting.
As a result, the availability, scope and affordability of home LED lighting solutions are growing at an explosive rate.
But just at this point, it\'s better to bring LED lighting into your own home by approaching the app that the LED can best replace.
The essential difference between traditional incandescent lamps and LED lights is that the former wastes up to 98% of the heat, but does glow in all directions, while the LED light source converts almost all electricity into light (
So the reason why they keep calm about touch)
But the light is pure and strong.
Another key difference is cost of ownership.
LED bulbs are used for a very long time (
30 years of normal use)
And the operating cost is so low that the cost of electricity used during the entire life of the bulb will almost certainly be lower than the cost of the bulb itself.
This is not normal.
The operating and replacement cost of the LED bulb is usually more than 500 times the price of the bulb itself.
These special qualities (
High efficiency, zero fire risk, focused light)
Make LED bulbs the perfect replacement for the spotlight, especially the halogen lamps that are now prevalent in many homes, which waste a lot of heat and money.
However, replacing household halogen lamps is only one aspect of the field lighting that LED lights are very suitable.
They also make ideal display lighting, which, as a bonus, can be installed in places where the use of traditional incandescent lamps cannot be considered due to extremely high operating temperatures.
LED spotlight is a natural choice to bring lighting to the display unit, shelves, below the kitchen unit and inside the cabinet and wardrobe.
They can be easily installed near objects and surfaces without causing thermal damage, and in this application they usually emit better light than normal bulbs.
Another aspect of home LED lighting being radically changed is emotional lighting, which brings a whole new effect that existing lighting technologies cannot begin to imitate.
LED mood lighting offers a brand new vibrant color palette that can be changed and mixed at will to produce a wonderful effect, be it as a focus or on the floor, the ceiling and walls can change the atmosphere of any room in your house.
So where do you start?
The first thing to consider is that although home LED lighting will save you a lot of money over time (
In fact, rest time
Occasionally surprisingly short, often only 1 to 2 years)
This is a long-term investment.
The initial capital cost of purchasing LED lights is important for most people, so it is prudent to arrange the conversion project in several separate stages.
Replace the lights you often use first (
The most consumed electricity)
You can also replace those that don\'t need to be very bright.
The reason for the latter suggestion is that although the older generation of led is outdated according to the latest standards, it is very sufficient because of night lights and the like, and can be kept on, the cost is negligible.
They are also much cheaper than modern LEDs.
The halogen lamps mentioned above also provide a good initial stage for your conversion project as they are usually installed by group (
On a row of spots in the bathroom, or in a larger room, as a lighter for a dozen or more).
They are also often left behind for a long time and are notorious for overheating (
Waste of electricity and money reading)
So you will see clear and fast savings there.
The Cree LED spotlight is easy to use, able to directly replace existing 35w halogen lamps, closely match them in terms of brightness, light color and beam angle, but saves 90% in terms of power operating costs
Display lighting is again a good target for replacement due to the above reasons.
If you haven\'t shown the lighting yet, then look at the aesthetic enhancement of the low brightness
You can use LED power supply and light bars in your home.
Display cabinets, grooves, racks and decorations or other features in the room can actually serve as an additional and attractive source of lighting.
Of course, the need for bright directional lights anywhere in your home is an obvious candidate to replace the LED, as this type of light is what the LED is good.
For example, reading and desk lamps should throw clean and bright lights where you want and elsewhere.
This category can also include up lighters and any other type of lighting accessories designed to project light onto the surface, and since similar effects can easily be achieved by reflecting light from the LED, in this way, the light will spread in an area.
The last category to be dealt with should be the inconspicuous light bulb and lampshade type lighting, as these are intended to scatter light in all directions and only the latest type of lighting (
The most expensive)
At present, the LED bulb can simulate this effect.
However, watch this space as it is a very fast-changing field of home LED lighting.
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