led home lighting - a buyer\'s guide

by:DGT Lighting     2020-07-01
Whether you\'re interested in new LED home lighting products that come up in many stores or keen to contribute to tackling climate change (global warming)
Or just want to save money on fuel bills, the fact is that LED home lighting is the future.
So you have to get to know as soon as possible what this future means to you personally and how you can benefit from the new low power home LED lighting.
This article aims to eliminate some confusion from the many lighting solutions available to consumers at present, and provide useful guidelines for evaluating and purchasing LED home lighting.
Where should you use LED lighting?
The essence of LED lights is that they emit directional light.
Focus on one area.
Therefore, they are an excellent choice for lighting applications with similar features, such as: Many families have such lighting in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway and basement --
Any place where lights are needed.
The LED unit also works well in the strip, so it is ideal in the kitchen unit and inside the cabinet-
In addition, they hardly dissipate heat, and in addition, very bright light is required in a rather narrow area, rather than spread widely.
LED lights are not very good at full lighting at present --
For example, a lamp with a lampshade.
Key point 1: Keep LED home lighting doing the best at the moment-
Bright directional lighting.
What puzzles many people about the LED lights is the \"color \".
This is not the color of green and orange.
It\'s \"white \".
LED lights have a variety of \"white \"--
From soft, warm lighting to sharper, colder effects.
As a rough guide, \"warm white\" LED lights work best indoors, while \"cold white\" is a great choice for outdoor LED lighting, where you usually want
Key point 2: understand the \"color\" scale of LED lights.
Next, we will get the input rated power or wattage.
We are used to it, 100 w is bright while 40w is suitable, maybe the lounge, and 10w is essentially a polite light.
But home LED lighting does not meet this standard for the simple reason that LED bulbs require very low power consumption as almost all input power is converted into light and almost no energy is wasted heat.
Replace the 50w halogen lamp (
MR16 and GU10 accessories are widely used for LED equivalent replacement)
You will see LED spotlights with rated power of 7 w.
Upgrade to a 12w LED and you will see a normal floodlight.
There is also a more complex issue to consider.
LED \"color\" will affect the brightness of human eyes --
The cold tone looks clearer and brighter than the warm tone.
According to the LED color, mentally adjust the upper and lower parts of the power equivalent.
Point 3: LED lights are very low energy units, so you should get used to lower wattage.
In addition to the color and wattage, the beam angle of the LED light has a great impact on its appearance and brightness.
A narrow angle of less than 40 degrees will focus all of its light on a small area, so it looks very bright.
A wider angle of 70 to 120 degrees will project light in a wider area, so more light will be illuminated but not bright.
Point 4: consider the beam angle of any LED light.
Where to buy the final LED home lighting?
If you are new to domestic LED lighting, then the answer is: you can see LED lights or at least a good photo wherever you are, this way you can evaluate how a specific LED app will appear in your own home before purchasing.
Professional lighting stores often have monitors that you can see (
There is also a catalogue of photos)
Now, LED units are included in display lighting for many large DIY and regular stores.
Unlike traditional bulbs, LED home lighting is a long-term investment that will save you a lot of money in the coming decades, but the cost is Prepaid, because the actual operating cost of most LED lights is lower than the purchase cost.
They last for a long, long time, so you don\'t want to rush to buy as you may be stuck for years.
As in the past, quality and reputation are factors that need to be considered closely.
LED products from recognized manufacturers have a reasonable amount of information on packaging, which may prove to be a reliable product with performance as you would expect --
And cheap none
The name LED unit on EBay may not be.
That is, once you have decided which specific types of LED lights are suitable for you and you are careful to purchase from reputable websites that offer warranty, it is cost-effective and completely safe to purchase LED home lighting online
Focus 5: The most important quality and reputation;
Buy from well-known suppliers.
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