LED Home Lighting Solutions

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-01
Combined LightWith LEDs or LEDs in your home lighting selection, you can offer a variety of design options and save a lot of energy costs.Led can be used-Line light bulbs of traditional lamps, candle light bulbs of chandeliers, spotlights, floodlights, etc.Very long life of LED bulbs-In some cases, up to 17 years.Their energy consumption is also reduced by 80% compared to compact fluorescent bulbs or incandescent lamps.LED flood light wide-Provide an angle beam covering the driveway, terrace, pool area or deck.The spotlight provides a more focused light that can illuminate specific areas or objects such as sidewalks, sculptures, or fountains.LED lights provide excellent color rendering, which is the ability of light to display real colors.This allows them to light plants and flowers without changing their appearance.LED rope lighting is the plastic pipe length that encapsulates the LED bulb.Rope lighting is available in a variety of colors and can be cut for custom installation.It generates very little heat, which makes it the right choice for indoor lighting needs.Rope lighting can be used to highlight building elements such as railings, tray ceilings, stairs, bars, bookcases and even windows.The flexible structure allows for installation around corners or round objects.Rope Lights are usually equipped with power transformers and power cables that have been installed.LED strip lights, sometimes called ribbon lights or tape lights, are much like LED rope lights but are much thinner.The lamp strip can be cut into length and provide adhesive backing for simple installation.They can be used to illuminate specific areas or as a key lighting around the bar, under a shelf or under a cabinet or inside a pantry.The stairs can also be illuminated with Strip lights at night.For normal operation, the power transformer needs to be installed for LED strip lighting.And the initial cost of-LED bulbs are higher than conventional incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs, and their service life and energy efficiency can provide a reasonable long timeterm choice.LED bulbs provide a wide range of lighting, making them ideal for large area lighting such as living room, kitchen or dining area.Bright white LED bulbs provide bright, clear light for reading, crafts or cooking.The soft white light bulb produces more scattered light, creating a warmer atmosphere for the living room or bedroom.
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