DGT lighting is a professional and experienced China led lamp manufacturer. We have about 30 years history for producing LED downlight, include, MR16 lamp, AR111 lamp, GU10 lamp, G5.3 lamp and so on. 

Our lamps power range is from 5W to 17W. Also, there are different beam angles for options. The variety of lamp products are able to meet different requirements from customers.  

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LED Lamps, Halogen Lamps, And CFL Lamps: What Are The Differences?

Halogen lamps are the most economical lamp types. However, they use energy the most and their life span is the shortest compared to other lamps. 

CFL lamps can save energy more than halogen lamps, but they need to warm up, so they can evaporate the internal gas into plasma. Even though LED lamps have the most expensive price range, they have a cooler temperature. Many rooms these days even use a small LED lamp.

What Advantages Do LED Lamps Have?

LED lamps don’t only shine brighter than other lamp types, including halogen and CFL lamps. Until today, we can see lots of cool LED lamp products that emit colorful rainbow lights. 


Some of them have intelligent lighting technology that lets us control the LED lamps through internet connection and Wi-Fi. More precisely, here are the details of each advantage:

Extended Life Spans

A LED lamp’s life spans tend to be around 25,000-50,000 hours before we need to replace the fixtures.


Such life spans are longer than all fluorescent lights’ ranges of 7,000-10,000 hours. Also, unlike fluorescent lights, we don’t need to change our LED lights if they haven’t reached their maximum life spans.

The abilities to save energy

Our clients are proud that our LED products can save 90% more energy than any other lamps from other companies. The most evident example of this energy-saving ability demonstration lies in the lesser frequency to change bulbs.


Another notable thing about LED’s energy-saving capabilities is the future ability to cut 1.26 million tons of CO2. Such numbers are equal to half a million cars.

Safety in LED lamps

LED light bulbs are safer than any other bulb type because of their ability to withstand cold and heat. More specifically, a living LED lamp can stand -40 to 100 degrees Celcius temperature. These lamps even have no effects when sensitive objects are around them.


The LED lamp light that LED product emit also belong to the solid-state lights (SSLs) category. Such things make them immune to physical shock damages. These resistance abilities make a LED lamp in a room safe for everyone.

Have High CRI (Color Rendering Index)

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a measurement that measures a light source’s ability to emit different colors accurately. The higher the CRI score’s range, the more vivid the light source’s capacity to highlight objects.


Our LED lamp collections’ CRI value ranges between 80-95. The actual value varies according to each LED specification. Even so, most of them are around 90-95, which many people considered high scores.

The Capability For LED Dimming

The dimming function in a modern LED lamp (and any other LED lamp collection) works in two ways. First, they can lower the forward current. Second, they modulate pulse duration. 


The two dimming functions are more convenient to execute in LED lights than in any other light source. Today, many modern dimmer switches recognize low electrical loads in LED lights. At some points, you can even dim the light to only 0.5%.


LED light bulbs are the bulb types that don’t produce damage from UV lights. Even though they shine bright, they are also mercury-free. These entire things make LED light bulbs healthy for our bodies and our environments, too.


You can even connect some LED lights to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or similar programs. Then, you can adjust the lights and set timers everywhere you are. Such settings include the options to make the light bulbs environmentally friendly.

What Are LED Lamps?

LED itself is an abbreviation of Light-Emitting Diode. So, a LED lamp is different than a photovoltaic cell because of its energy conservation abilities. More precisely, LED lamps save 90% more energy than incandescent light  . They also have mercury-free traits and they produce little to no waste.


Until today, we have sold many modern LED lamp collections for home and office purposes. We also sell various LED lamps, such as the MR16 and AR111 lamps.

What Are The MR16 LED Lamps?

Most of our customers order our MR16 LED lamps. It is because these LED lamp collections are suitable for many environmental settings. These lamps also have longer life spans and people can use them to replace other MR16 lamps. Most of the time, our customers replace MR16 metal halide lamps with MR16 LED lamps.


Here in DGT Lighting, we also sell MR16 light fixtures, from the fixed to the anti-glare ones. You can also choose from the diverse styles of outer rings and head patterns. The cutout range from 65-90 mm. On the other side, the pattern’s trims have around 1-4 heads.

What Are The AR111 LED Lamps?

Some people often refer to these LED lamp collections as the master LED lamps. AR111’s large diameter size reminds us with G53 halogen, even though LED and halogen lamps are different. Most large-sized retailers and offices add AR111 to their lists of LED lamp on ceiling collection.

The Phase-Out Of Incandescent Light Bulbs

Many government bodies have banned halogen lamps since 2021 due to their lackluster energy efficiency. Some resources announced that other fluorescent lights will follow suit around September 2023.


The CFL lights are the light bulbs that are not subject to these government bans. Nonetheless, many producers today have stopped producing them.


Instead, many government bodies and organizations these days advocate for LED lights. In addition, each LED lamp will have updated energy labels on its boxes.


We are among LED producers who have passed several ISO and other qualifications. CE, SAA, Rohs, and TUV are some examples of bodies that certified our products. Our advanced equipment, professional engineer teams, and rigorous quality examination ensure our customers own their A-grade lamps.

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