AR111 lamp is one of the most common indoor lighting products worldwide. LED AR111 lamp is a prefect product to replace traditional halogen AR111. As well known, AR111 can have different holders, such as AR111 G53, AR111 gu10 and AR111 with LED drivers.   

DGT LIGHTING CO.,LTD as a professional and experienced AR111 led lights manufacturer in China, we have about more than 10 years history for producing LED AR111 lamps. Mainly, we produce  12W AR111 and 17W AR111 with external driver, which can work with our AR111 fixtures. We have one/two/three/four heads AR111 fixtures for AR111 lamps.  

Our LED AR111 lights warranty is from 3 to 5 years. The CRI of lamps can be made as high as CRI97. DGT’s products are sold to as many as 30 countries.

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What are AR111?

AR11 lamp is one of the most common lamps.  Every AR111 lamp has the same diameter 111mm, so if we buy any AR111 lamp, the size is the same. That is a reason why LED AR111 lamps can replace halogen MR16 lamps because they have the same size to match the Ar111 fittings. However, we need to pay attention, AR111 can have different holders, such as AR111 G53, AR111 gu10, AR111 with external driver, etc. For example AR111 G53 with is most traitional holders. AR111 G53 can only work with G53 socket. AR111 with drivers also can work with compatible fixtures. 

How to replace AR111 Bulb?

It’s not difficult to replace AR111 bulb, if you know the tips.

First, You need to know the type your AR111 bulb holders. As we mentioned, AR111 as a LED lamp can work with different holders. You should know what holders of your AR111, such as AR111 G53, AR111 Gu10 or AR111 with drivers. They can be only work with right holders. Make sure your AR111 lamps before you buy them.    

Second, when you get the right AR111 lamps, you need to take the old AR111 bulbs from the fixtures, and install the new ones. Please remember to turn off the power before you switch.    

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