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by:DGT Lighting     2020-07-29
So you want to buy an led light strip for the back of your truck?It looks cool on the back and adds some lighting to the driver behind you.But you want to know how complicated it is to install led light bars on your truck?You need some ideas because you\'re not sure if you want to get into a very complex area.We are here at echilette seller for led card lights, we have posted this simple installation article to help you in the decision-making process of installing led light bars on the back of your truck.
This article is just to let you know the basic installation process of the rear led light strip, but the installation will vary depending on the truck.You should read the manufacturer installation guide for installing LED lights.The following is the basic knowledge of the rear LED light strip installed below the rear tailgate of the truck.
This light strip is used as a supplement to rear-end lights in all functions: parking light lighting, parking lights, turn-off lights.The average weekend mechanic can connect an LED light strip to the truck traction adapter plug in about half an hour1hr..Look under the truck for the traction adapter harness, usually on the left side under the rear bumper, on the rear frame track.
If your truck is equipped with a trailer plug, or at least a wire hidden in the frame or body, as the standard harness for the manufacturer.Cut the line loom back to see the colored line, then peel the line to reveal about an inch of copper for each line.Then connect the LED light to the truck on the back of the bed layer under the tailgate.
Use anything the manufacturer has instructed you to use to connect to the truck.Make sure the led wires are located in the same area as the truck harness with your previous stripes.Now, use the docking connector to connect the wires of the same color of the LED lights to the same color on the truck harness.
(Note that I like to use shrink tubes on all my connections to make sure there is no moisture in my connections) and then wrap each connection once with tape each time it is connected.Remember to follow the wiring direction of the lamp manufacturer, but this information here should be close again to give you a good understanding of the work involved in installing the led light strip.Then test to make sure all LED lights work with other vehicle lights.
If everything is fine.
Now go to a head and connect the new wires and harness to the truck frame in a neat way with a plastic tie belt.Make sure nothing goes through the wire
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