led light can damage eyes, health authority warns

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-08
The French government says \"blue light\" in LED lighting can damage the retina of the eye and disrupt the rhythm of natural sleep
Health watchdog said this week.
The new findings confirm previous concerns that \"exposure to strong and powerful [LED]
Light is a photo
Toxic\' and retinal cells can lead to irreversible loss and reduce the decline in vision. \"Food, Environment, occupational health and safety of the French Development Agency (ANSES)
Warning in the statement.
The agency is in 400-
Page reports that even if this level is rarely reached in a home or work environment, the maximum limit for acute exposure should be modified.
Reports distinguish between high levels of acute exposure
The intensity LED light, as well as the \"long exposure\" of the low intensity light source \".
While less dangerous, even long-term exposure \"accelerates aging of the retina tissue, resulting in decreased vision and certain degenerative diseases such as age-
The agency concluded: \"amd related . \"Long-
Long-lasting, energy-efficient, cheap, lightweightLEDs (LED)
According to industry forecasts, technology has accounted for half of the lighting market in a decade and will exceed 60% by the end of next year.
The LED only uses the fifth power required for incandescent lamps with a comparable brightness.
Leading LED lights in the world
GE Lighting, Osram and Philips are bulb manufacturers.
The basic technology for producing white light combines short-wave long LED such as blue or ultraviolet light with a yellow fluorescent coating.
The whiter or colder the light is, the greater the proportion of blue in the spectrum.
Circadian LEDs are used for home and street lighting, as well as for offices and industries.
There are also more and more discoveries in car headlights and flashlights (flashlights)and some toys.
LED phones, tablets, and laptop screens do not pose a risk of eye damage as they have a very low brightness compared to other types of lighting
Cohen, an eye specialist and head of the group of experts conducting the study, told reporters. But these back-
The agency warned that lighting-especially when used at night or in a dark environment-would \"disrupt the rhythm of organisms and thus disrupt sleep patterns \".
The ANSES report states that since the crystals in their eyes are not fully formed, children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to this interference.
Dina Attia pointed out that the circadian rhythm that interferes with the body can also aggravate metabolic disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and some cancers, researchers at ANSES and project managers.
In addition, the report says that the strobosity effect in some LED lights-caused by minor fluctuations in current-can lead to \"headaches, visual fatigue, and higher risk of accidents \".
For home lighting, ANSES recommends buying \"warm white\" LED lighting, limiting exposure to LED light sources with high blue light concentrations, and avoiding LED screens before bedtime.
ANSES also said that manufacturers should \"limit the luminous intensity of car headlights\", and some headlights are too bright.
Finally, the agency
Filter and sunglasses.
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