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by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-20
In the past few years, LED lighting technology has advanced by leaps and bounds.
The life and efficiency of the lamp is several times that of the current market.
The initial price was very high, and the manufacturing cost of LED lights was slowly reduced, so it was cheaper for end users.
Compared to incandescent lamps or other types of high-intensity lighting, saving the power consumption and life of the LED can overcome the cost problem.
The function of the LED is through DC (or DC)
Electricity, which requires cooling the fins or radiators to prevent it from getting too hot, is one of its drawbacks.
Other disadvantages are that in some applications, there may be a need for rewiring, or in the case of fluorescent lighting, the ballast may have to be removed.
Having said that, with the continuous development of technology, there are many types of direct replacement for one-on-one.
Another drawback is that the LED only shines in one direction, and multiple lights or reflector needs to be arranged to cover the same cost.
Although the amount of light produced is equal to or greater than its fluorescence and incandescent lamp.
From domestic installation to commercial and heavy industries, LED can be fully used.
LED can save a lot of money in the field of maintenance and reduce the need for continuous replacement of lamps, which not only reduces the cost of the project, but also reduces the cost of labor.
This proposal is good for consumers, but due to the long life of the lights, manufacturers do not need to supply as many replacement lights, which is 50,000 hours for some manufacturers.
Led lights for areas that are safe or illuminated almost 24 hours a day will pay for them themselves, because when you calculate the power usage and LED power consumption of existing lights, even though the cost of the LED may be a little more, a significant reduction in the power used will exceed the initial cost of the compensation lamp and any laboratory tasks that may be required to replace the line, etc.
In short, the color quality and efficiency of the LED is better.
There is very little heat, power consumption and the life of the light reduce the cost of energy and maintenance, and also reduce the cost of cooling.
They can also darken where needed, but depending on the app and the brand, they can be affected by shocks and overheating.
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