led lights a must for new buildings: govt.

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-10
Mumbai: according to the state government\'s energy conservation policy that was cleared on Tuesday, buildings in all cities and rural areas must only use LED lights.
In order to enforce it, the government will soon make the necessary changes to the development control regulations.
Energy Minister bawankule said on Tuesday that all governments and
The government building will be replaced with LED lights from light bulbs and tubelights.
This will also apply to street lights across the state.
\"While the new building will use LED lights, the government will develop an incentive plan for the old building to encourage people to switch to LED lights.
He told the state cabinet that the policy had been approved.
Bawankule said the government aims to save up to 1000 megawatts of electricity over the next five years through these efforts.
\"While it is expected to save up to Rs 6 crore of national funds, the government must make initial investments up to Rs 8 crore to implement the policy,\" he said . \".
Some services, such as the prison cooking system, the charity trust and the water supply program, will also be required to be converted into solar energy, which costs £ 25.
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