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by:DGT Lighting     2020-07-03
In our current house, there are usually two different sockets in every place where plug sockets are needed, they have different shapes and different voltage supply.
One is usually 220 V and the other is 110 V.
These two different voltages are required because some products require high power to work while others require lower power.
Products like TVs and vacuum cleaners require higher energy, so they have to be plugged into a 220V socket, which is plugged into a 110V socket because the table lamp and many mobile charging devices require lower power.
Reduce power consumption and improve product efficiency.
We live in an era where energy efficiency is considered for two reasons;
One is that humans have noticed the result of their careless waste of energy, because the wasted energy always ends in the form of thermal energy and increases the average temperature of our environment, which now leads to global warming.
Why is ice a selfish human act?
The hat is melting, the water level of the ocean is rising, and we are trying to make every animal a memory of extinction, only to place and watch in the museum.
Another reason energy-saving products are more popular is that they put a lot of cash back in our pockets from the electricity bill.
Thanks to the light bulb, we are more efficient at night.
We all use incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.
These two filament-based light sources are well-known, but since recently they have been replaced by LED-based light sources.
LED is short for lightEmitting-Diodes.
LDEs are like small bulbs, but they do not contain filaments, but emit light from the diode, which generates energy release when electrons vibrate at a specific frequency.
The size of the LED as a unit is 2mm to 8mm, so the light generated by a single unit is not enough.
Many LEDs are placed on the panel to emit light enough to illuminate the room.
LEDs are such a small unit, and the power required to send out the required light is very small, so they are considered to be one of the most energy-efficient light sources compared to incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps.
The LED can provide 50,000 hours of lighting, so there is no need to replace the LED lights frequently.
The LED power supply is even less than 110 V, so one has to buy a special device for them, but many times the LED module or LED tube comes with it.
The Led only needs 12V of electricity.
Therefore, the LED power supply is necessary, otherwise the equipment will fail.
You can find different types of LED power supply.
There are some LED devices that are powerful enough to handle the whole house.
There are also some com with dimmer so that you can increase and reduce the intensity of the light emitted by the LEDs.
Some manufacturers also offer LED power supplies with remote controls so they can be turned on and off without leaving your location.
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