led mr16 lamps: by the numbers and beyond.

by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-15
The MR16 lamp is the darling of the lighting designer, not only because of its optical accuracy, but also because of its wide Power Range (from 20-75 watts)
Beam angle (from 7-60 deg)
Can be used with various accessories (e. g. , Spread the lens)--
This means that the thata single MR16 fixture can be customized in dozens of different ways.
That\'s why MR16 lights are the main pillars in retail, hotel, residential and museum environments where they are used with inner heads, single heads and embedded downlights.
According to 2013 of the United StatesS.
Department of Energy (DOE)
Adoption Report of light
In common lighting applications, the penetration rate of LED mr16s is the highest (
About 10%)
Of all the led fixtures in 2012, their popularity has certainly not declined since then.
But the traditional halogen lamp MR16s--
Has good color quality and works well with control procedures-
There are still some problems with their LED alternatives.
That\'s why DOE has launched a series of surveys on LED mr16 performance to find out what these numbers show us and what we can learn by looking at them.
These figures show a snapshot of the LED mr16 lights planned for release by doe\'s CALiPER earlier this year, analyzing data from the LED mr16 listed in doe\'s LED lighting fact plan.
The results show that although the performance of the LED MR16s has been significantly improved, few people can be considered as the real LED MR16s. for-
A replacement for 12 V/50W halogenMR16--
Although the manufacturer claims not to do so.
More and more LED MR16 lights are comparable to 12 v/35 in lumen output
W. halogen mr16 s, but compared with the previous four years, the average lumen output of the LED mr16 has doubled, while only moderate efficacy gains.
Few LED MR16s reporting center beam candle power (CBCP)
Energy Star CBCP pair 35-W or 50-
Only one product that reports the angle of the beam claims that it is less than 15 degrees. -
Narrow though
The most commonly used MR16s is beam highlight lighting.
As for the CRI, the 83% LED MR16s is at 80 s, about 10% over 90.
Recently, CALiPER released an application summary report focusing on the luminosity performance of 27 LED MR16 lamps for three specific types.
In a 500 K lamp with an output of at least 3,000 lumens or a claim of at least 50 lumens
Test results show that although in-the-
Board performance improvements, these products are still typical 50-MR16s W halogen lamp--
In fact, most people don\'t even fit the typical 35-W halogen MR16.
Most LED MR16s have a CRI under 80s-
Ambient lighting is generally acceptable, but focus lighting is not always acceptable-
But those products with CRI of 90 or higher have the same performance on other parameters as other test products, despite the basic trade
The distance between the efficacy of CRI and typing packaging.
None of the LED MR16s with a beam angle less than 15 deghad has an output of 500 lumens or greater, CRI is 90 or larger, and is greater than 60 lumens per watt-
This will give them a greater advantage over their halogen counterparts.
Although the production of LED MR16s up to 600 lumens is widely available--
It has made great progress than previous research. -
Each lamp that claims to be comparable to a particular halogen lamp
The lamp wattage is less lumens than predicted using the energy star center beam strength tool, and the CBCP is lower.
Although all LED products are more effective than halogen lamps, the range of invalid is quite large (38-
90 lumens per watt).
More importantly, it is difficult to find a narrow distributed LED mr16, with only five beam angles in the clamp group between 7 and 18 degrees-
Although the narrower distribution will make this product attractive for more applications.
In addition to the metering calipers planning additional testing of these same lights, it is also planned to cover the LM-
79 Tests, the results will be published in the follow-up report.
This is because the metering does not explain the whole story.
For example, a problem with the LED MR16s is transformer compatibility, which can lead to inflation and other strange and unwanted behaviors.
Halogen mr16s work at 12 volts, providing optical accuracy by allowing them to have a small filament, but also requiring a transformer to reduce the 120 volts of the input.
There are two types of Transformers currently in use, magnetic Transformers and electronic transformers, although LED mr16 s often work more efficiently on magnetic Transformers than electronic transformers, both types May
The best thing to do is to verify transformer compatibility with the lamp manufacturer, although not all manufacturers provide this information.
Adding dimmers to mixed lights can complicate compatibility issues, but more and more manufacturers of LED lamps offer dimmers-
Compatibility information.
Another problem is the color, which cannot be determined by using CRIalone alone, because two MR16s with the same CRI but different spectral power distribution can produce the same White Shadow (
Or any other color)
Looks very different. -
So turning off the lights for yourself is the only way to be sure.
Scale is another problem;
Some LED mr16 is ideal for installation in existing fixtures, as it is not easy to install all the electronics needed for LED lights in such a small form factor.
There is also backlight from halogen lamp mr16, which looks attractive in some applications, but most LED mr16 will not repeat due to the directionality of LEDs.
The bottom line is that the LED mr16 has made great progress and offers higher efficacy than halogen lamps, not to mention good to good color quality, but, from product to product, they vary a lot and still face many problems, so buyers and instructions need to evaluate them based on the strengths of each product and the requirements of the application.
DOE\'s growing collection of reports and analyses of LED MR16s, coupled with videos and fact sheets on this topic, can be found on www. ssl. energy.
Go v/led _ mr16_light. html.
James Broderick is the lighting project manager of the United States. S.
Office of building technology, Doe.
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