led pool lights

by:DGT Lighting     2020-02-29
LED pool lights light up the pool water using LEDs.
They are completely waterproof and can be used on or below the water surface.
Since its introduction, many pool owners have replaced traditional incandescent lamps with swimming pool lights made of new technologies.
Compared to traditional lighting systems, LED lights offer a better color choice and are highly appreciated for their energy saving and low maintenance features.
LED lights have color change options that have various modes to make the pool water look one color or more at a time.
The LED is actually the only artificial light source that produces color light, not just one or two colors, but all the colors of the spectrum.
LED lighting systems typically come with different preset programs with a variety of colors and color changing displays.
Therefore, in addition to lighting up the pool, there are a number of options to offer relaxing and elegant lighting, ideal for outdoor dinners, or to provide a calm color with a romantic lighting style.
Color Changing LED lights are comparable to fiber pool lights in other swimming pools, but can save you energy costs.
While the initial cost of LED pool lights will be a little higher than traditional lighting, pool owners can save money on operating costs and take advantage of their longevity.
They consume a small part of the electricity, up to 90% of the energy saving.
They also have very little maintenance time because they are much longer than incandescent lamps, with an average length of up to 100,000 hours.
The Led usually does not go out like the traditional lighting, but gradually reduces the light output.
They are more resistant to heat and vibration shocks and can be opened immediately, ideal for frequently opened applicationsoff cycling.
Another reason LED pool lights are more attractive to pool owners than traditional pool lights is that LED lights are very eco-friendly
Friendly and their fixtures are the only \"green\" products that can be used in the pool.
They do not contain anything harmful to the environment.
There are various swimming pool lamps made of LED technology on the market.
If you have a pool light system installed, you can also replace your bulb with some type of LED bulb.
Compared to other pool lights, this LED Pool Light has very little power output and uses about 90% less energy.
But you still have brightness.
The 50 w led light can have a white output equivalent to the 250 W bulb.
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