led retrofit energy savings and payback

by:DGT Lighting     2020-02-28
Energy-saving lighting not only helps to improve the environment, but also saves huge energy costs.
By transforming the lights, you can upgrade your existing lighting system to a more energy efficient lighting system.
The LED transformation is to replace some parts of the lighting system with others that make more sense in terms of energy conservation.
Energy conservation may not appear immediately, but can only be achieved for a period of time.
The cost savings during the service life of the energy-saving equipment are sufficient to cover the cost of the equipment and generate further returns.
As a relatively simple energy-saving solution, LED transformation technology is becoming more and more popular.
Commercial facilities and cities use a lot of electricity, and modern lifestyles make it difficult to reduce energy consumption.
But just by adopting an LED retrofit lighting system in your office or home, you can make a big contribution to making the earth a little greener and reducing the cost of energy consumption.
Ordinary lighting equipment installed in homes and offices consumes a lot of energy.
Homeowners can invest wisely in lighting modifications and save energy costs by more than 40%.
It is estimated that if all buildings in the United States are upgraded to LED modified lighting systems, electricity demand can be reduced by more than 30% and energy savings of more than $250 billion can be saved.
If you do an energy audit, you will understand how much energy your home or office is wasting and how much you can save by moving to a more energy-efficient technology.
The transformation ensures guaranteed cost savings and positive cash flow.
The investment payback period of the LED modified lighting system is expected to be 3 years, and the expected return is slightly higher than 30%.
This is the cost of considering the renovation of the equipment, installation and maintenance.
S. Department of Energy conducted a study that found that costs can save 50% of energy
By transforming the effective way of walkway lighting.
This can be achieved at the same time as easily meeting the minimum recommended lighting level of the sidewalk.
Compared with the traditional light source, the purchase cost of LED lamps is higher.
There are many factors that contribute to the effective and economical performance of the led, so there is a series of return scenarios.
However, smaller wattage lamps can significantly shorten the return on investment.
Focusing on the level of lighting required, choosing the minimum wattage that will help you achieve this is the best way to shorten the return on investment cycle.
LED modifications are now available for display lighting, underwater lighting, Bay lighting, residential and office space lighting, building details and other lighting applications.
The technology is also developing rapidly.
With the improvement of chip performance and the reduction of price, the return on investment of LED transformation will continue to decline.
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