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by:DGT Lighting     2020-06-09
One of our wish lists is to look as young as possible.
This can only be done with an effective skin care system.
There are thousands of ways to do this, but LED skin care systems or anti-aging LED treatments are the most effective and convenient.
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We will try to make a scientific review of the LED skin care system. What is a LED?
LED or LEDs are semiconductor devices that produce light.
The LED has an anode and cathode separated by a semiconductor material crystal.
When the voltage is applied at both ends of the electrode, the current flows and the LED shines.
The amount of light produced by a single LED is small.
To produce the required amount of light, combine several LEDs together.
The wavelength band is important when LED is used for skin treatment.
LED produces light in a narrow wavelength range, and in order to improve the spectrum of light, fluorescent substances are added.
It is also possible to combine several LEDs that produce different wavelengths to produce all-optical spectral light.
What is skin therapy?
Skin Therapy is a science and technology that reveals beautiful skin by nourishing the skin.
Wrinkles related to old age are the result of the breakdown of collagen structure.
Collagen provides strength, body, structure and elasticity for our skin tissue.
As we grow older, our skin tissue can\'t split as quickly as it was when we were young.
The fat cells under the outer layer of our skin will be consumed and need to be repaired or updated to prevent the skin from drooping.
This prevents the development of fine lines and wrinkles on our faces.
Cosmetics, anti-aging cream cannot penetrate under the outer layer of our skin to repair fat cells.
LED skin therapy is one of the accepted successful methods.
LED skin treatment will help the basic principles of LED treatment. The most important thing in skin therapy is the wavelength and total energy.
Red and near-infrared have a beneficial effect on cells because it can produce more ATP (Cell Energy)
Increase the activity of DNA and RNA
The ideal wavelength is between 600 and 900 nm.
LED light arrays can produce these wavelengths.
These wavelengths can pass through tissues up to 1 inch deep.
The wavelength of 600 and 900 nm is easier to pass through the blood and water in the tissue than other wavelengths.
Red and near-infrared rays penetrate the tissue because they are not blocked by blood or water like other wavelengths.
When the light intensity of a particular wavelength is doubled, the energy to reach a specific depth is also doubled.
This can regulate the ability of light to penetrate the tissue.
The dose of treatment and the time of application will depend on several factors, which is the most clear to the doctor.
We all know that sunshine is good for our health, which is a logical conclusion.
The sun helps sick people and makes people more active.
Now we know from a chemical or biological point of view that the injured cells need additional ATP from my repair.
This additional ATP can be produced by LED lights, which scientists have successfully produced.
Doctors have to learn the app and use it for the benefit of human beings.
The subject is broad and the debate over science is open.
Thank you for reading this article.
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