LED spot light is a very popular kind of replacements

by:DGT Lighting     2020-08-14

Advantages of LED spot light over halogen MR16 light

LED spot light has been basically introduced in the market as a replacement for halogen MR16 light. Although halogens MR16 light were also very effective but some disadvantages of the product have helped LED spot light turn the customers in its favor. The prime disadvantages of halogen MR 16 light are as follows-

Low conversion rate of power- halogen MR16 light has very poor energy efficiency. These light bulbs convert very less electrical energy into light. Rest of the electrical power is wasted in the form of excessive heat emission.

Risky in nature - As these bulbs emits a lot of heat which makes the lighting equipment much hot. This excessive heating of the lighting equipment can sometimes turn very dangerous. Many a time's incidents have happened where organizations dealing in textiles and wooden material suffer huge loss due to the fire caught by this kind of excessive heating.

Dangerous to human health: - These bulbs emit a considerable amount of harmful ultraviolet light which is very dangerous for human health. Apart for it these bulbs are also very sensitive to shake and shocks which makes them very much vulnerable to nearby people.

Apart from these there are many other advantages associated with these halogen bulbs which are the prime reason for their unpopularity. Initially customers don't used to have much option, but the introduction of LED downlight and LED lighting equipments has made things very easy.

The LED light bulbs are much safer, emit brighter light, are eco friendly and have better energy efficiency. All these positive features along with many such other benefits and advantages have pushed these lighting equipments towards the market supremacy. Such is the market situation that these LED lighting equipments which were introduced a few years ago are the most preferred lighting solution now.

These LED light bulbs are so much in demand that their manufacturing organizations are striving too much hard to offer more new, better and more advanced lighting equipments to their customers. Already these LED bulbs are available in various different options as per the different residential and commercial lighting needs and requirement.

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