LED Televisions And Their Benefits

by:DGT Lighting     2020-02-24
LED backlight LCD TV is a flat panel display that can use LED backlight lighting instead of the cold cathode backlight lighting used in most other LCD displays.The o LED backlight used allows for thinner panels, lower power consumption, better heat dissipation, brighter display and better contrast.The introduction of led TV has caused a lot of confusion.Even many marketing reps and sales professionals, who should be clearer, are misinterpreting what LED TVs are to their potential customers.The LED chip and the pixel itself are not glowing.In order for the led TV to produce a visible image on the TV screen, the LEC pixel must be relit for more details on the backLed TV needs lighting process.A tube of LED backlight is called Edge lighting.In this method, a serial LED backlight is placed along the outer edge of the screen.The light is then scattered across the screen.The advantage of this method is that the led TV can be done very thin.On the other hand, the disadvantage of edge lighting is that the black level is not so deep, and the Edge area of the screen tends to be brighter than the center of the screen.Local dimming in the LED can be turned on and off indecently within certain areas of the screen, thus providing more control over brightness and darkness for each area, depending on the source material displayed.The design of the LCD and LED is different from the standard fluorescent backlight system;This means that the new LED backlight LCD display is different from the standard LCD display below.LED has low power consumption.Like some other LCD backlight systems, Mercury is not used.More balanced color saturation.I use full array back-bit LED TVs compared to traditional LCD TVs.LCD TVs with full LED backlight are thicker than LCD TVs with edge lighting sources.In other words, LED TVs using the edge backlight method can be much thinner than standard LCD.The LED backlight does represent technological progress, mainly by raising the LCD TV to the performance level of the plasma TV, while making the thinner LCD TV design possible.LCD TVs with LED edges or full array backlight are more spacious than those without LED backlight.However, as they become more common, the price of LED TVs is getting lower and lower.Some Dip TVs also use LED lighting and are entering the DLP video projector.In both cases, the LED provides a light source rather than a traditional projection light.Unlike the pure LED system, the LED backlight LCD is not self-illuminated.There are several methods of backlight LED, including using a white or rgb led array behind the panel, and LED lighting using a white LED arranged around the inside frame of the TV.
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