light emitting diode for hydroponics

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-20
Short for LEDs)
Plant growers use water culture to use lights as an alternative source for high-intensity lighting, rather than consuming more power.
LED lights can be used in indoor or greenhouse gardening, which can greatly save cost and energy.
In addition, they are easy to install and can also be used in conjunction with solar and wind energy technologies to optimize the efficient use of electricity.
The LED Growth Light design has a single light strip with several LED bulbs installed.
The light strip is placed about 12 inch above the plant.
If there are more plants, several light strips may be needed so that they can be planted well.
It should be noted that do not look directly at the LED lights as they cause damage to the eyes.
LED plant growers use LED plant growth lights for various reasons, including herbs, flowers, fruits, grains and even medicines.
If you decide to use growth lights in plant planting, it is important to do enough research to get the appropriate information to ensure that you are not misled by the seller.
The benefits of LED growth lights can sometimes be used to exaggerate the quality of certain brands.
It\'s better to buy brands that are only marketed for their quality, rather than buying brands that sell at a specific percentage of higher yields!
Users prefer to use growth lights instead of other technologies like high density discharge (HID)
Lights include various reasons.
HID lights are usually loud and their durability is variable and shorter, and they require a reflector to transmit light.
These problems were not found in LED growth lights;
They have little noise and provide light directly to the plants, and their lifespan is usually around 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours, much higher than HID lights.
It is worth noting that not only are the LED growth lights powerful, but they can also be grown indoors or indoors throughout the year before transplanting plants to an outdoor garden!
In addition, the growth Lights release almost no heat, so they are also very beneficial for plants that don\'t need any heat.
Therefore, LED growth lights have a considerable number of beneficial attributes, summarized as follows: mainly, LED lights provide great efficiency in energy.
It is said that the use of these products can significantly reduce the cost of electricity, and sometimes even reduce by 50% to 75%!
As mentioned above, the durability of LED grow is 50,000 to 100,000.
This means that they prove to have brought very high results in terms of investment and are therefore more popular than other lighting technologies such as HID lights.
In addition to being more durable, LED growth is almost entirely efficient as they provide light directly to plants, which in turn can be used quickly for photosynthesis.
Finally, the development of LED is much more economical than other lighting technologies.
Instead of expensive and exquisite reflector, ballast or heat dissipation system, a simple light strip is installed with LED bulbs that provide lighting directly to the factory.
All in all, LED lights bring considerable relief to plant growers who can enjoy the benefits of efficient gardening, especially if they use planting methods like water ploughing!
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