lighting a fine craft trade show booth - options for the budget-conscious artist

by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-29
Good lighting is a major factor in successful trade --show booth.
The right lighting system can help artists create a good atmospherecraft gallery.
This will attract gallery owners to leave the island and enter your booth, the first step in sales.
Lighting is a relatively expensive investment.
How about the budget-
Do conscious artists find the right solution?
When it comes to choosing a lighting system, artists who are new to the trade show line tend to be overwhelmed.
Each conference center has its own lighting rules.
The rapid development of lighting technology makes it more difficult to choose.
This article details what I learned at the US arts and crafts retailer fair to address the challenge of lighting up my 10 pax x10 booth (ACRE)
Large wholesale exhibition for US and Canadian craft artists.
As I am new to the trade show, this information is just a pointer to the artist in the process of choosing lighting, and perhaps a pointer to a more experienced artist who wants to update the system.
When studying many different lighting options, my goal is to illuminate my glass jewelry beautifully but cheaply.
I hope these lights are light weight, modular and fit for shipping to the boxes on the show.
I am looking for contemporary styling in silver or black.
I guess there is at least a special lighting effect, not too fancy to give a unique element to my booth.
Bruce Baker, art business consultant, suggested in his booth design CD that the 1,000 W would be very effective in illuminating the 10 W x 10 W Booth.
However, I decided to stay at or below 500 watts because the ACRE show included the booth price of 500 Watts and the halogen lamp I finally decided to light up my monitor very well.
Because I bought the lights in a supermarket.
Box stores have websites in almost every city in the United StatesS.
, I can add more lights at the trade show if necessary.
Battle for BulbContractors to choose lighting (www. ccl-light. com)
It\'s just a light bulb bracket.
Therefore, the bulb should drive people to choose a fixture.
This is right for trade.
Display lighting, although the lamps may determine the type of bulb depending on the lighting selection of a store.
The website of the copper clad board provides a web page of the bullbulb Photometrics GmbH ([
Http: Halogen lamps are preferred bulbs for many trade show exhibitors.
It gives a crisp white light.
Although people usually refer to halogen as non-halogen
Incandescent lamp, it is actually an incandescent lamp.
It produces light by using a thin wire made of tungsten, heated through it through current to white.
According to GE, for many of us, the first halogen lamp was developed in 1959, not long ago!
Halogen lamps are very different from the traditional incandescent lamps we grew up.
The halogen bulb s silk is surrounded by halogen gas (
Iodine or Bromo in particular).
These gases make the filament work at a higher temperature.
The final result is higher light output per watt.
These gases have also done something quite magical: the tungsten will evaporate from the filament over time, and these gases actually help to re-
The tungsten is deposited on the filament.
This extends the life of the bulb beyond the life of the traditional incandescent lamp, where the evaporated tungsten of the traditional incandescent lamp is attached to the wall of the bulb like smoke, and eventually the fine wire without coating breaks.
Who did not disturb a burnt one?
Out of the light bulb, enjoy the jazz cymbal sound of broken wires inside?
In addition to more light than traditional incandescent lamps, halogen lamps also emit more white light, providing better color reproduction.
The US lighting and electrical company website recommends that halogen lamps be used to highlight and display real colors (www. usalight. com).
There is nothing better than the drama brought with halogen lamps.
Baker also recommends the use of halogen lamps, especially floodlights, especially jewelry and glass.
It is important to take into account other fine craft materials, such as ceramics and wood, that may be enhanced better with halogen lamps, or even with some more traditional incandescent lamps that give out warmer colors.
After deciding on the halogen lamp, my next task is to select the bulb.
The Kerry exhibition is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, which has formulated a strict halogen lamp policy.
No more than 75 watts per lamp, all halogen lamps must be sealed in glass factory (
Not a movable lens or a linear shape).
Thankfully, there are many factories here.
Seal the halogen lamp in the form of a PAR halogen lamp.
Abbreviation for the aluminum reflector of parabolic.
The PAR bulb has a built-in
A reflective surface made of pressed glass.
The glass provides both internal reflector and Prism in the lens for controlling the beam.
PAR bulb numbers such as PAR 16, PAR 20, PAR 56.
The face value refers to the shape of the bulb. Bulbs.
There is a halogen lamp section on the Com website where you can visually and quickly compare various PAR bulbs.
In a given PAR bulb category, there are a variety of Watts, wide and narrow spotlights and floodlights, different base sizes, and even different colors.
Fortunately, I was able to skip the process of deciding on PAR bulbs by first deciding where to buy my lights (
More information about below).
You will notice when you go to buy the track lights at 12-volt and 120-volt fixtures.
120 is the standard voltage for direct access to most homes, offices and conference centers.
For lamps that use 120 V, no additional components are required except for regular sockets. 120-
Volt fixtures are usually 12-
Volt fixtures because they don\'t need a transformer.
They also cost less and can use halogen lamps or plain incandescent lamps.
I did not investigate 12-
Volt fixtures, in addition to finding that they reduce the energy used to a lower voltage, are therefore more energy efficient.
They need a transformer that will be 120-
12 V household current, they may need hard wiring (
Although an artist I know found a 12-
Volt fixture with built-in
In a transformer that she was able to insert 120volt outlet. A 12-
Volt fixture can accommodate very efficient bulbs with a wide range of power and beam propagation including 50-watt MR-
Very popular in the gallery.
I decided 120-
Because I don\'t have to worry about the transformer, just plug it in.
Choosing a shop and following up on lighting, I read the ACRE online forum to find out where to buy lighting.
What an artist said made me feel very wise: he bought all the lighting at Home Depot because if something went wrong with the show, he could find a shop nearby to replace the parts.
This is something to consider: while the gorgeous design may be tempting, it\'s special-
Any type of order lighting poses a risk of faulty lighting during the show.
Another artist at Acre\'s online forum said he bought his lights from Los.
Probably not a big deal.
As long as there is one in each city, the box shop is available.
Since I am new to trade exhibition and this is my first lighting kit, I refuse to choose from many good suppliers online.
I decided to have limited but attractive options in Los.
One of the side benefits of doing this is that my choice is easily narrowed down.
In the halogen lamp category, you can get track lights or stem-Installation lights (
Arms extend outward).
I went with the track lights.
This is partly because the stem lights I found online are relatively expensive and Lowe\'s are not available, partly because with track light I can have a rope instead of a few.
The Lowes lighting sales staff helps to collect the complete package from the track lighting for display and inventory.
I decided four, two.
Foot rail to keep the size of my shipping box.
Here is a summary of what I bought: 4 two-
Brand combination, black finish, item 225678.
2 lights per section, a total of 8. Total: $23.
128 horn Universal Rail light, Product Portfolio brand, item 120673, satin chrome finish with a modern look.
They can easily connect to the track as instructed. Total: $80.
768 halogen lamp, 20, 50
The bright, crisp light is Watt.
I bought a few floodlights and a few spotlights.
The bulb is very packable, about 3 kWh long and about 2 long. 5x94 in diameter. Total: $60.
002 Micro Linear connectors by Portfolio, item 120716 for end-to-end connection of two rail sections.
The idea is to insert only one wire from a line of four lights. Total: $5. 92.
2 wires and plugs from standard AC wall sockets to power rails, Product Portfolio brand, item 120827.
I connect them to the ends of the two track sections by unscrewing the covers on one side of the track. Total: $17. More than 06 modelsPurpose Ties (cable ties)
According to Catamount, it is used to connect the track to the booth pipe. Total: $5. 002 heavy-
Working extension cord/power cord SFP 14-gauge, 15-
Brand Woods, from Lowe Masss, item 170224, model 82965. Total: $22.
00 total: $213.
The universal joint lamp of my choice only accepts 50-
Watt, 20-pole bulb, which makes it easy to pick the bulb.
Therefore, in this case, the choice of the lamp to drive the bulb is not the opposite.
Light bulb photography page for lighting selection according to contractor, 20, 50 bars-
When the Watt halogen lamp reaches 10 feet, it emits a beam of light with a diameter of 5 °f 4 °f.
It offers about 12 feet-
Candle value 10 feet away from the bulb (a foot-
The candle is the level of illumination on the surface 1 feet from the standard candle. )
For the sake of comparison, the PAR 30 beam diameter 10 feet m away is more than 8 kbps and you can still get about 14 feet-
Candles in the distance.
If you raise it to 75-watt bulb?
You will get more feetcandles (38)
10 feet away.
This shows greater trade.
The Booth may want to take advantage of higher standard bars and higher watt bulbs.
All in all, the rail lighting system I chose uses 400 watts of power.
This left me another 100 watts of Watts to add professional or focused lighting to my booth but still stay at 500 wattswatt limit.
Wire, plug and chandelier Las Vegas Convention Center has very strict regulations on wires, plugs and chandeliers. The two-pronged, 18-
The specification wire that the manufacturer connects to your lamp is acceptable (
Keep UL label and label intact).
However, these lighting wires cannot be plugged into the conference center outlet.
Instead, you have to insert them into one or three
Pronged, heavy, 14-
Gauge extension cord or with 14-gauge cord.
Then you can put that 14-
Instrument extension cord entering the conference center socket. A 14-
The instrument extension line can handle 1,825 Watts.
It is helpful to read short extensions
Wire size and safety information on the underwriter\'s lab web page (www. ul.
Com/consumer/wire. html)
Co-promotion services with the University of Florida ([
Http: Bruce Baker suggests that the wires for the 6 sockets are 20 feet and include wire reels.
I couldn\'t find this wire at low s, so I decided to buy two 15-foot, heavy-duty, 14-
Specification extension cord/power cord with three outlets each.
You can find a 25-if you have a bigger Booth-
Foot rope with three outlets in low s.
There are a lot of different ways of hanging lights, and there are too many variables to consider, which may be the subject of another article.
In general, if you have it, you can hang the light on the bar or on the hard wall of the monitor.
Depending on the rules of a particular trade show and the size of the lighting system, you may be allowed to connect the lights to the existing pipes and folds of booth existing.
Since my booth design does not include my own walls, my lights are attached to existing pipes or crossbars. Cable ties (
Commonly referred to as zip ties links)
It seems to be the preferred tool to connect the track to a pipe or rod, or even to connect the extra crossbar to the existing pipe and the hanging.
An artist I know uses the Velcro band and then ties the attachment with a cable tie.
There are several complete websites for cable TV.
One of them is http :.
I bought more.
The purpose is to contact Home Depot.
They can be bundled with a diameter of 4 inch, withstand temperatures up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, and can withstand temperatures up to 50 lbs.
Accent lighting: led accent lighting has a lot of ideas, although it is beyond the scope of this article to be fair to the topic. Light-LEDs (LED)
Lighting is a technology that is undergoing breakthroughs and rapid development.
Many LEDs are required to make the light output of 50-1 equal
Watt bulbs and LEDs are quite expensive, so LEDs are not ready for prime time when lighting the entire booth.
There are several nearby
However, the up application of led is now worth studying.
An example is in-
MK Digital\'s counter light bars sold directly over http :(
$175 per foot).
MK Sparkle Light pocket ($30)
It is a portable device with a long time.
Over 100,000 consecutive hours of life and promises to bring the greatest spark and flicker to the jewelry.
Nexus mini LED light system (www. ccl-light. com)
At the same time, its size provides a lot of lighting for the puck shape, which is a big deal than a quarter.
It is used for direct display lighting of crystal and glass and can even be submerged in water, the company said.
The lamp is connected to a 12-inch cable ending with a plug and has a SFP mode switch with seven different color options.
Unfortunately, White is not one of the color options and $25 is a bit expensive.
Nevertheless, some of these lights, combined with room lighting, can attract an audience to your booth and move towards your most eye-catching display.
The Led also includes tube lights, flexible lights, linear lights, and light bulbs.
Super bright LEDs (www. Super bright LEDscom/edison. html )
There are 120 collections-volt screw-
LED bulbs for accents and other low levels
Lighting applications, as well as many other fascinating products such as the lighting plant up-light fixtures.
In this article, in order to bring extra special light to my booth, the search is still in progress.
Please keep an eye on future articles about results.
The following list is not a recognition, but a starting point for studying lighting systems, cable connections, and focused lighting. http: -
Cheap price, lots of options, and the bulb phot page can help you determine how much light and what kind of light you want to get from bulbhttp :-stem-
Installation and tracking light shttp :-
Plenty of options for lighting and bulbshttp :-
Fast visual comparison of PAR bulbs (
In halogen section)http: -Cable (zip)
Fix the rail light to the link of pipehttp :-
LED light for jewelry
A good choice and visual layout for Stem
Installation and other lighting equipment (but not cheap)http: -
Good technical information and images for lighting setup
Ups trade show; several stem-mounted clip-
About design :-
LED key lighting including screws
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