Lighting Solutions for a Long Driveway

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-05
A well-The bright Lane is a safe lane, especially when traveling in the dark, in the fog of the Bay Area and in bad weather.If you have a long lane, adding lights will make sure you stay in the lane with the tourists instead of off the road.In addition to being a safety feature, illuminating a long lane has the potential to improve the exterior of your home by increasing visual interest and highlighting key features in the landscape, adding value to it.When choosing lighting for long lanes, your Lane length and the amount of light you need will work.Some homeowners prefer to place rows of lights along the entire length of the driveway, while others choose to place lights at carefully selected points to highlight curves or narrow edges.If your home is sitting in a place where there is a lot of fog at night, you will want to see the lights through the fog without further reducing visibility.Traditional lighting solutions include installing lights or batteries-Lights in the driveway.These fixtures can be set in concrete or ground lights placed on the ground along the driveway.Ground lights should be separated by at least 1 feet, slightly staggered to prevent the lights from blurring together.Traditional lighting requires a lot of maintenance because if the lights are not working, you have to make sure the lights are working properly, replace the battery or repair the electrical system.The cost may be much higher than other lighting options, especially for families with longer lanes.Solar Lighting has many styles similar to traditional lighting without maintenance and electrical costs.Even on cloudy and foggy days, the solar light can absorb enough energy to illuminate your driveway every night.Surface-The installed solar Lane Light is a block light used to mark the edge of the lane.They provide low-level light similar to the highway side reflector.Solar path lights or lanterns are characterized by wooden piles placed on the ground along the driveway.They have a more decorative look, up 6 to 12 inch from the ground.Adding hanging lights provides another solution to illuminate long lanes.If you have a lot of trees in your driveway, you can hang electric or solar-Power the lantern from the tree and illuminate the road.To reduce lighting, the spot light placed carefully will highlight the curves and other obstacles on the driveway.You can also hang lanterns from high columns for more decorative lighting options.On foggy nights, the hanging lights may not be as effective as the groundVisibility may be reduced.LED lights last longer than traditional lights and require less energy.In addition to styles similar to traditional and solar lighting options, LED lights come with ropes.LED rope lights can be placed along the edge of the lane to provide a basic profile.High piles of red LED lights can also be used as edge marks on long lanes.The white LED light may be too bright for the driveway, but one advantage of the LED light is that there are a lot of colors to choose from.You can choose red light, blue light, or other favorite colors to increase the visual appeal of your home at night, rather than being limited to traditional white light.
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