Lighting Solutions for Large Rooms

by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-22
Large rooms are usually family rooms and large rooms.By layering a variety of lighting to accommodate a variety of activities, you can maximize the functionality and overall look of a large room.This also allows you to set the tone and style using lights and various components in your room.Three types of lighting are usually used when a large space is layered: environment, focus, and tasks.Ambient or general lighting is your basic lighting and it should illuminate the general space without a lot of glare.This type of lighting is usually done using a ceiling or wallInstall lighting fixtures, chandeliers or track lighting.The key to good ambient lighting is to make sure that it illuminates a large part of the space, and as a central light source, you can layer other types of light on it.In large spaces, embedded lighting is often a bad choice as an ambient light source.Instead, Wall lights arranged along the length of the wall or ceiling fixtures are used.Indirect fluorescent lamps can also provide enough ambient light in large spaces, or you can backlight niches so that the light bounces from the ceiling and reflects to the room without glare.Mission lighting brings the light source to the mission, not trying to illuminate every corner of the entire space.For example, task lighting on the table illuminates the space for reading and learning while allowing you to keep the light soft elsewhere in the room.Lights at both ends of the sofa or chandeliers at the table provide extra focus light for these areas ---But only when needed.The goal of task lighting is to enhance visual clarity and prevent eye fatigue, so it must be free of glare and shadows.Track lighting is ideal for mission lighting as you can point it to the point that is most needed.The focused lighting focuses on the painting, sculpture, and wood products in the room, but does not illuminate the entire space.The emphasis on the light source itself should never be the focus.Embedded Lighting, track lighting, wall lights and wall lightsor under-Cabinet lamps are ideal for decoration.When positioning the accent light, first highlight the points of interest in the space, preferably around the room.Low spotlightVoltage halogen lamps or fluorescent strips are ideal for large items or entire walls, while track or embedded lighting is ideal for individual artwork or points of interest.Cleaning walls in light with strip lighting, soffit or valance lighting or spotlights is ideal for bookshelves, murals, quilts or collectibles.Before selecting and installing the lighting, consider the activities that are going to happen in the room, what do you want it to feel, what elements you want to show, and what elements you want to hide.Track and embedded lighting can work as any lighting layer, depending on how they are installed and the direction of the lighting.The chandelier and wall lamp can be used as a key lighting if the dimmer switch is installed.Layer different types of lighting to suit your home\'s needs and control each type of lighting independently so that you can quickly adjust a single light source to suit your needs.
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