lighting the jacques cartier bridge: a comparison with other cities

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-08
Montreal plans to light the Jacques Cartier Bridge, compared to projects in other cities, cost 19251930.
2,687 long
Will be installed in 2017 for the 375 th anniversary of the city;
The budget is $39. 5 million. Built 1927.
1,091 longInstalled 2009. Cost $1. 2 million US.
The LED unit controlled by computer software replaces the traditional fixture.
Unlimited color options, time and theme for national holidays, sporting events, 9/11 commemorative events. Built 1909. 114 metres. Installed 2009. Cost $400,000.
5,600 programmable LED lights for Christmas, Chinese New Year, etc.
Combined in 156 programmable light assemblies.
Charities and other organizations can use the lights for free to promote their cause. Built 1913. 777 metres.
Installed 2014, unveiled for Canada Day.
$3 million. $2.
In public fundraising, 5 million of people buy bulbs for $25 per person.
60,000 LED light bulbs that can program different colors such as green and gold for Edmonton esky Moss CFL home opener. Built 1894.
244 long;
Each tower is 65 metres high. Installed 2012.
Under the funding agreement between the Mayor of London and the London Corporation, the public does not have to pay any fees (bridge owner)
Sponsorship of EDF and GE.
In 2012, the Queen became white in the Jubilee year, and in 2015 the new princess became pink when she was born. Built 1918. 494 metres. Installed 2015. Cost $2. 8 million.
35,000 LED lights, 45,000 feet cables, 3 computer lighting controllers, 16.
5 million colors. Built 1958. 2,431 metres. Installed 2014.
$750,000. High-
The output LED system uses 92 lamps and lanterns.
In the evening, the lights of the dimmable control system gradually light up and increase to 100% in the dark.
Minimum maintenance system. Built 1933-36. 7,180 metres. Two-
The installation of the annual project was closed on March.
Contributions amounted to $8 million.
The additional $12 million raised will make the exhibition permanent from January. 30, 2016.
25,000 white LED nodes (pixels)
On the hanging cable of 2,900 on the north side of the bridge, create a computer-
The generated schema. Built 2012. 756 metres.
The longest pedestrian bridge and bicycle bridge in Europe. Installed 2012. Cost $187,000.
With only 24 fixtures, you can change the color on different occasions to illuminate the unique arch.
A shield is installed to hide the light source and prevent glare.
Trees, reeds and water are illuminated in various ways. Built 1973. 1,510 metres. Installed 2007.
$5 million. 6,000 computer-
Controlled lamps that change color and pattern. Built 1922. 2,272 metres. Installed 1986.
Payment through private and corporate donations.
Lighting is used to celebrate festivals and events such as breast cancer awareness and local team colors. Built 1888-95. 770 metres. Installed 2015. Cost $2. 1 million US;
Private donations of £ 75%.
The 1,472 programmed LED light provides a combination of two or three colors to dance and move.
With the theme of Valentine\'s Day and other festivals.
The bridge is matte and rusted steel, so the light does not reflect to the surface and will create glare. Built 1907-09. 960 metres. Installed 2003. Cost $2. 5 million US. Not colour-changing.
But 506 in Nashville.
Mi Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge, lit on July 2015, is the state-of-the-
Art with over 685 LED fixtures and 256 color possibilities. Cost $2. 3 million US. Built 1956-59. 1,773 metres. Installed 2011. Cost $2. 2 million US.
Funded by states, ports, and cities, eventually $300,000 was provided by the American corporate Endowment Bank.
11,000 LED color-Change node (pixels)
Controlled by programmers
Replace the light show every month. Built 1967-69. 3,407 metres.
The project was put on hold during the economic downturn, but it is still planned.
In 2009, the cost of private donations was estimated at $8 million to $10 million.
Programmable multiple
Color LED lights.
The idea of solar panels is that any new power demand must be balanced with the same sustainable energy. Built 1887-89. 300 metres. Installed 2003. Cost $6. 55 million Cdn.
Wire 40 km, bulb 20,000. Built 1976. 553 metres. Installed 2007. Cost $2. 5 million.
1,330 lamps and lanterns.
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