modern light sources for outdoor use

by:DGT Lighting     2020-07-15
In this fast and restless time when our whole life seems to be controlled by machines and computers, many people want to break the system and feel the beauty and power of nature.
Outdoor activities such as camping or hiking are the most common way.
However, even in camping places, we do not want to miss out on the latest developments in some modern technology.
Vision is the most important feeling to maintain direction in an unknown environment.
So we don\'t want to miss it in almost every situation.
In the past few years, there has been a technological revolution in light industry.
LED lights are used to create a brand new lamp design.
These lamps are widely used today because the price is comparable to other lamps.
The biggest advantage of LED lamps compared to traditional lamps is the low energy consumption, which makes low voltage outdoor lighting very popular.
The minimum demand for energy allows the construction of very light lamps for different purposes.
Also, the time is finally over for you to have to carry a few extra batteries.
But these lights can also be used in your garden as a simple alternative to standard electrical installations.
LED lights usually do not glow very brightly, so there are different versions of low-voltage outdoor lighting.
As mentioned above, the entire building weight including the battery is only a few grams.
Headlights are one of the most commonly used outdoor LED lights.
In this version, the lights either have straps or are mounted on the helmet (
Participate in extreme sports).
In both cases, the light follows every movement of the head, so the beam automatically points in the right direction and the hands of the person are free.
In most models, the manufacturer uses only one or two LEDs, so the luminous intensity is low.
However, it is enough to read maps or books.
Other widely used low voltage outdoor lighting models are classic pocket lights.
In this case, several LED lights can be combined or halogen lamps can be used.
Because higher light intensity is required compared to the headlamp, the energy demand is also increasing dramatically.
But if you need a strong light source at night, this model is the perfect balance between power and economic design.
But not only in camping and outdoor sports, lighting with reduced energy is also used.
They are also used in gardens and houses.
In this case, they are combined with a small solar panel, which makes them absolutely independent from any external power supply.
You don\'t have to worry about any outdoor cable installation, just put the low voltage outdoor lighting anywhere you want and make sure the solar panels stand in the sunny spot.
Modern lighting provides users with a high degree of flexibility.
Because their power consumption is low, you don\'t need to rely on any external power supply, which makes them a safe and easy to use power supply. to-
Alternative to using classical lighting.
Combined with solar panels, you have built a system that uses only renewable energy and does not emit one gram of carbon dioxide.
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