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MQ-1800 9W adjustable LED spotlight




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At present, more and more companies use LED spotlights as the main lighting in their offices. Generally, for the characteristics and requirements of the office area, LED spotlights can be used to achieve high quality standards in the office lighting environment, while mitigating visual fatigue and making employees more motivated.       

The lighting of this spotlight is lively and soft, and this feature is fully compatible with the atmosphere of the library. In the library environment created by the light of this lamp, people's interest of reading will be greatly increased. Open the book, the soft light shines on the text of the book, which increases the reading efficiency of the reader and creates an environment full of academic atmosphere.

Spotlight is simple and stylish, easy to install, and suitable for all shops and aisles in the shopping mall. The lighting of the products creates a pleasant shopping environment in the mall, which can stimulate consumers' desire to purchase, so it is favored by a wide range of merchants.             

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