mr16 led bulbs - issues to be aware of

by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-14
MR16 LED lights have many advantages over normal bulbs, mainly because they require only a small amount of power.
In this article, however, I often mention some issues.
First of all, you want to make sure that the brightness and direction of your app are correct.
Some MR16 LED bulbs are much darker than 50w halogen lamps, or they focus all the lights in one place.
This may be good for some apps, and not useful for others.
I would recommend looking for MR16 LED bulbs that have a very bright LED in the center with a diffraction lens that can disperse the light evenly.
It seems to me that this looks better than a normal halogen lamp.
Unlike the CFL MR16 bulb, the preheating time is actually not a problem with the MR16 LED bulb.
The Led light will turn on immediately, which is especially important for kitchen lighting or other situations where you need to see clearly what you are doing.
This is usually the reason why people buy LED lighting.
They offer very good lighting moments only 3.
6W power use.
For example, if you use 8 halogen lamps in your kitchen, then they eat for a few hours a day with 400 watts of electricity.
In the case of most houses, this is by far the largest energy-consuming product that has a big impact on the size of your bill.
By investing in some LED bulbs you will reduce it to just 30 W.
The next issue to note is the color of the bulb.
In general, one of the main criticisms of LED lighting is that they are too white and the light is very ugly.
Make sure you read the color temperature specification on the package.
When I used to buy a bulb, there was usually a matte bulb.
They did not work from the beginning.
With this in mind, it\'s a good idea to buy from a reputable company that will replace any bulbs that don\'t work.
In order to get extra protection, I like to purchase using a credit card, so if there is any dispute, I won\'t have any trouble getting a refund.
A popular question is whether the MR16 LED bulb is dimmable or not.
The answer is that you need to look at the description on the package again as the package is different.
For example, it might read \"Non-
Dimmable \"when using traditional dimmer switches \".
However, as it suggests, it really depends on the dimmer you have.
If you need to dim, then you can try to buy 1 as a test sample, or you can contact a specific manufacturer that is usually very helpful.
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