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by:DGT Lighting     2020-04-23

You \'ve seen cars driving neon lights nearby and would like to know what you just saw.Or you might want to know why they look so cool and how they flash in so many different colors.Below this article, I will explain what the neon lights and LED lights are and how they are specifically designed to be able to fit under the vehicle, inside the SUV or inside the truck or below the tube, you can even put them on your motorcycle or ship (if you have one ).There are thousands of people around the world who have now installed these lights in a number of ways, which are completely outrageous, with the aim of highlighting the best features on their vehicles and separating them from other lights.You may also be asking yourself what the neon lights can do for me and what the normal headlights I already have don\'t do?Well, some people just use their car as a means of transport, not others (just to get from point A to point B ).However, there are other people who think there are a lot more cars there than that, and they are more likely to see it as an extension of their personality, and of course there are some (especially men) it seems to be plagued by their ideas.Because there are so many auto parts in the world, and because of the Internet, it becomes easier to get these products, more and more people want to make their vehicles more personalized for them, of course, neon lights under any vehicle will do that for them.There are a lot of people out there, you take cruising in their car as a hobby, they not only enjoy the attention of pedestrians, but also enjoy the gaze of the driver as they pass.So, if you are one of them, then it seems that the customer under the lights of the car is your choice.But how long has neon car lights been around?The first call lighting device installed on them was a hot rod (but the kit used at the time was different from today\'s kit ).These lights can be installed on the body around the chassis of the car or inside the body, each kit provides you with the elements to properly install them.You usually find that the installation instructions provided in the kit are very direct, but you need to do some drilling on the body of the car and a lot of electrical work, but it all depends on the type of kit you want to buy.If you feel that such a project may be beyond your ability, there are a lot of custom shops around that will do this type of work for you, and you can guarantee that all work will be done efficiently and correctlyHowever, if you decide to install them yourself, then make sure that the kit you purchased is compatible with your car and read and follow the letter instructions that come with the kit.The most famous manufacturer of neon car kits listed today comes from companies such as plasma, street lights and LiteGlow.Many custom auto parts dealers selling these brands will have the products needed to compete and street vehicles.You will also find that most car kits and even internal car kits have different colors and sizes, including Transformers, usually 2x50 tube, 2x38 tube, installation instructions and any installation hardware required to complete the task.Typically, the tubes for the external kit are made of durable Lexan®, Made of plastic, thus protecting neon elements enclosed inside.However, if you have LED or neon lights on your vehicle, you need to face some problems.In many places, you will find that the authorities frown on people\'s vehicles having such lights and avoid any fines, and then, it is better to install lights that can only be activated through separate switches, not when you turn on the main headlights of the car.The best way to do this is to run the power cord directly from the vehicle battery to the kit operation switch and then through the wires of the vehicle\'s main light.If it\'s legal to have neon lights or LED lights on your car, it\'s better to see where you live.Since you \'ve been looking for someone to add something different to customize your journey and won\'t be bothered by the attention you get from the onlookers, if the glowing effect around your vehicle makes you like it, it may be worth considering installing neon lights or LED lights or your vehicle.Imagine the fun you can get?
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